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    I dunno if I'm doing it right, since this is my first time here, but I trust you guys to guide me

    Lura et'Kaz

    Alias: None given/taken atm.
    Gender: Male.
    Race/Species: Air Elemental (not the D&D ones, more like the Riddick ones).
    Age: Barely legal
    Alignment: Neutral.
    Class/Profession: Mercenary
    Power Rating: A-.
    Description: Lura's most common form, is a blurring shape of a good-looking man, 5'5'' tall, with white clothing; spiked, white hair; and bright orange eyes. Also, wind seems to be blowing lightly around him, wherever he may be.

    Personality: Easy going, unless threatened. Likes to chill out, and enjoy the good things of life (those being women, food and music, mainly).
    Has some trouble keeping a cool head.
    Equipment: Lura's standard gear includes a spear he can summon from thin air (his weapon), and an earring with a small amethyst on it, that lets him take human form.
    Abilities: Air Magic. Can control the air up to a certain degree, melt completely with it (as 'take his true form'), and hover. No flying, though.
    Backstory: Lura came to be as every other Air Elemental comes to be. A more powerful elemental leaked a bit of his or her power, and that power gained a conscience of its own. Bored of his life at his homeplace, he let the wind blow them somewhere, and ended up in the Nexus.

    So... Amidoinitrite?
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