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    A hivemind with an assortment of clones and assimilated bodies.

    Gender: N/A (Identifies most with human male and female genders)
    Race: N/A (Identifies most with humans).
    Alignment: Neutral Evil / Blue (red/black secondary). Atorre is nice. They help people, they give lots of chances, they donate to charity, heal the sick, fight monsters, give candy to children. Their ultimate goal is to destroy everything and everyone they don't control. They love learning and making new things. They are arrogant and will stop at nothing to get what they want.
    Age: Accounts and measurements differ. Atorre includes Agents who have lived for centuries, and has existed in its present state for years if not decades.
    Class: Cleric/Expert/Cleric/Artificer/Expert/Aristocrat/Warrior
    Profession: Geneticist/Engineer/Banker/Priest. Atorre designs animals and monsters for Inari. They build flying machines for anyone who needs an airforce and rich eccentrics. They have widespread lending and investing projects. They've been involved with at least four religions in various capacities.
    Power Level: C or higher. Minion and Member bodies are genetically enhanced and the hivemind is capable of considerable psionic feats.

    Spoiler: Various
    Derek - Tan - Systems
    Seren - Sky Blue - Finance
    Ranna - Orange - Engineering
    Kai - Green - Aesthetics
    Eyes - Grey - General

    Skyside - 5 gears, wand
    One Nexus - World capped with city, threads joining above

    Spoiler: Members
    Purple - Personnel
    More than the others, Plum is enthusiastic, and believes in their cause and everything happening for a reason. Exuberant and shaking things up.
    Brown skin, black hair, flowing purple clothes and more jewelry than one could shake a stick at. Face already lined from constantly smiling, Plum is big and curvy, and takes great care of her appearance, always fastidiously clean, masked with cosmetics, and wearing the finest and most elaborately decorated fabrics. Her black wings are almost comically large.

    More than the others, Derrek is precise and considered. Cynical, pessimistic, looking for the flaws in every plan and picking people apart.
    Grim expression, looking at you like he's got a grudge even when you've never met before. Habitually worried and nervous, he wears a vest with countless pockets. He's a pudgy young man with a round face. His bat-wings are a pale brown, and relatively small.


    Black - Biology
    More than the others, Tavlii is reckless. She made them this way, after all.
    Short and thin and a little weak, distant distracted expression looking through you. Dressed in a frilly little something or a labcoat with a fox-head symbol on a platinum pendant. Her hair is long, the tips still blasted white, but with brown growing in at the base. Her wings are paler than her hair, and relatively long.

    More than the others, Ran+a is responsible. He's practical, repeats a lot, and hard to upset.
    Always sizing things up. He wears flight goggles, sleeveless shirts or no shirt at all, baggy pants, and a massively oversized power glove. A many-looped belt holds all sorts of tools. His wings are the same reddish-brown as his wild hair. He looks uncanny and asymmetric.

    Kai is quiet.
    Kai is a historian more than an artist, which doesn't stop her from trying. Lanky, and hideous. Scars from a thousand tiny wounds mar her face, neck, and upper body, where they haven't been replaced by metal and bio-plastic because the flesh was too thoroughly destroyed. A red mechanical eye stares and swivels independently of the living one. Her left eye, most of the skull, outside of the neck, left arm, and part of the ribcage have been replaced. Every cycle of repairs and replacements takes away a bit more flesh. She looks like a machine before she looks like a woman. Her profile is wrong, her motions unnatural. Her wings are wide, and currently dyed in golden-blue whirls. Kai's body is one of the two original Members still in use.

    More than the others, Seren is careful, and thinks about what he says and does.
    Loves to read and is highly cautious, like everything around him is as fragile as glass. Certainly not deposed royalty in hiding. He wears heavy robes, and rarely flies. His wings are golden, and possessed of more joints than the others.

    Second Lieutenant Marcie Strandberg
    Olive - Security
    More than the others, Marcie is a good, nice person. Her one flaw is probably being overprotective. "I'm not going to let you get hurt." is commonly heard.
    A former member of the United Flemish Defense Force who was the only one to emerge from cryogenic sleep alive. Curious. Reserved. Friendly. Artistic. Defensive. A little bit older than the others, but outstandingly beautiful, with a perfect, deliberate grace. Brown wings. As close to not being in the field as one could get. Marcie's body is the other original still in use.

    Minions - Atorre's minions are people who have been reduced to (or always were) shells with no mind of their own. Some are new, some are clones. All have an orange gem set in their foreheads (series one) or base of the neck (series two) that allows them to act, and are dressed in white-and-blue uniforms. They have a numeric mark on their left hands to differentiate copies, and a one-syllable designation.
    Nai looks like a healthy version of Tavlii before the accident. A small, but solid human woman with high cheekbones and large eyes. No wings though.
    Sec (from 'Secundus') is a powerfully built male human, heavyset and square-jawed, with green eyes and a fuzz of brown hair.
    Kep looks very much like Sec, but a little taller, with hair a shade darker and a perpetual look of skepticism. Kep-1 was the emissary to the Fenethi.
    Ri is a young female elf, black-skinned and white haired, small compared to other bodies, with stark blue eyes. Ri-4 was the receptionist.
    Tak is a severe-looking male desert elf with high eyebrows.

    Secs and Keps are the most common, followed by Nais.


    Agents - These are people with a variable connection. They retain their own minds and personalities and do not contribute to Atorre's psionic abilities or meta-cognition. They can be controlled in the same manner as a minion if need be. Probably. Their gems are not set in their bodies, but worn on necklaces, collars, bracelets, or other adornment.

    Anraja - The Queen-speaker for Nazash

    Cruitithiah - A dunmer who works in the gardens.

    Beautiful Love Eternal as the Stars - A wemic who explores the ground looking for new and interesting things.

    Kal and Aja - Akarthi who were formerly assassins for the Cult of Tenjin.

    The Herrienegoiakakoa family: Three winged elves are two male, one female. The eldest is one of the males, at the equivalent of early twenties, whilst the other male is the youngest, at approximately fourteen. The female Onecha is the equivalent of seventeen. They all have cloud-white skin and feathered wings, with white-blond hair. Eyes: the man has blue and the boy green.

    Thocysryn - A white-skinned cloud giantess with long, blue-white hair and piercing sky-blue eyes stands just under four metres high. She wears a long, white robe and appears to be the equivalent of eighteen at the oldest.

    Three centaurs, two female and one male. The male is built for speed, with the sleek, black-furred body of a racehorse; his humanoid torso is just as slender and graceful, with brown skin, green eyes and black hair; he appears about sixteen. The girls are the equivalent of fourteen, with piebald coats and pale skin; their equine parts are slightly stouter, not race-quality but would still be judged as fine horses. They are so similar they can only be twin sisters.

    Jack-Thomas - A male ettin, his skin dark red. He is slightly taller than the ogres, though their tusks are bigger.

    The harpies are six-limbed monsters with bird-like talons on their hands and feet. A pair of large wings fold over their backs like cloaks, and their bodies are covered in feathers. Their faces, lower arms and lower legs are featherless, as are their chests.
    Two of the harpies have the glossy black feathers of crows and grey eyes
    Carrion has a vulture's thick ruff of feathers at the neck, a wrinkly bald head and dusty black feathers.
    Moontalon has large, yellow eyes, snowy white feathers
    Stormwing has yellow eyes, with an osprey's white and brown plumage.
    The last is the male, with brown-banded white feathers and a peregrine's piercing glare. He's one of the smallest, smaller than all the others bar only a crow-harpy, who appears to be the youngest, in her mid-teens. The others range from approximately eighteen to mid twenties, with the exception of the vulture harpy. That one looks older, due only to the wrinkled and featherless skin of her head.

    Rahilda, ghost-magic.

    Spoiler: Backstory
    The six of them were friends at an institution of higher learning. They were very close, always seen together and often finishing each others' sentences. This changed when Tavlii performed some reckless experiments in her investigations of pyschic potential. The friends were broken and reassembled into one fluid being, space cracked around them, and all color drained out of the air, taking Tavlii's own memories with it.
    Later, the joint entity became involved with some pirates and ended up exploring an island where a forgotten outpost with soldiers in cryonic sleep were buried. One member, Marcie, fell in love with a part of Atorre, and, eventually, she was offered to be made part of them (the same offer was made to another, who was given partial access to their self through a machine that focuses the effect, but they quickly chose to remain themselves). They made the abandoned outpost their home, setting up cloning banks, telescopes, rocket pads, improved connectors. Once, the stability of Atorre has been tested, when the core of Tavlii became discontent with what she had done and become, and wandered away to the mainland, closed-mind. This was quite dangerous to Atorre, but they eventually recovered, although they did lose an original body or two. The keepers of the Temple of Inari helped her find her joint self again.
    Something happened to them. They've always been in Skyside.

    Spoiler: Abilities
    Hole in Reality: Original series Nai minions can drain color and memories from people with contact or prolonged proximity. This is contagious, spreading to any person who completely loses their memories.
    Unbound: They have minor telekinetic abilities, growing to major telekinetic and psychic abilities as more of their bodies gather together. Their most common manifestation is skating along any ground as though it was flat. The power grow logarithmically with participants, with projected peak capability at approximately half a billion incorporated brains, far out of their current reach.
    Hive Mind Horror: Atorre is very well coordinated, and practiced in sighting for their other selves. It is effectively never lost, surprised, off balance, or out of place, and the level of teamwork they display is perfect. It has superhuman ability to analyze its sensory information, and can detect much smaller changes and signs than any one of its bodies could. They are susceptible to the injury of a single member effecting others, if they have not prepared for it.
    Mind Over Matter: They have a good deal of control over the automatic functions of their bodies, able to shut off parts of their mind and feeling, review memories, stop their heart, force broken limbs to move, etc.
    Sufficiently Advanced Technology: Any non-agent, especially Plum, is able to channel pseudo-divine energy to heal, harm, find or perform other minor miracles.

    Spoiler: Equipment
    They have shining crystalline computers, little rolling robots, telescopes.

    Many Desert Elven Ioun Stones
    At least
    16 purple stones - Time
    5 blue stones - Energy
    1 yellow stone - Energy (electricity only)
    0 Green stones - Life
    0 Red stones - Emotion
    0 Black stones - Shadows
    0 Clear stones - Power
    0 Opalescent (God) stones - Measurement
    0 ??? (King) stones - ???

    Spoiler: Weapons
    People have been trying to kill Atorre ever since they have appeared in Acronymia, so of course they have an entire arsenal of weaponry.

    RP-Series plasma guns are Atorre's standard weaponry. Technical with an arguably magic power source, they shoot high temperature, high energy beams in quick bursts. The prototype can melt through boulders and ignite trees on the far side.

    RP-MP3 Pistols are the lightest weapon, a few inches long with an integrated substandard power cell that holds only a single shot before recharging. Lethal only if perfectly aimed.

    RP-S2 Emeraldbreakers are the standard arm of security troops and minions. Each of the crystalline power cells can power 14 shots before needing some recharging.

    RP-H1 Eyekillers are large, technically portable weapons that require a crew of two operators and have a significant recharge time.

    RP-H2 City Defence Cannons are emplaced and run off a separate power source. They fire a sustained beam for purposes of cutting through heavily armored targets.

    Two (2) Flemish Defense Force Fission Warheads. While they originally hoped to never use these, the God Stone incident proved that sometimes it would be warranted.

    VE Autocannons - The only solid ammunition used by Atorre, based on the weapons they rearmed for the Temple of Inari. 30mm smoothbore cannons firing usually anti-armor explosive shells. If only they had mechs to put them on.

    VE Hellfire Missiles - A short-range scatter missile with some tracking, likewise based on the Temple's mechs' armaments.

    Spoiler: Translocation

    Teleporters - Atorre relocated their operations from an island in Seaside to their Skyside complex in a single instant through this second Reperia-built technology.
    • Gates stably link two and only two locations, with lengthy recalibration times that require physically moving keys from 1 site to the other. They consist of two shaped columns and must be physically passed through, with the far side of the gate visible between them.
    • Portals transfer out from themselves. They are likely to scramble and destroy whatever is sent through them unless they have precise localization signal. They consist of several electro-crystal pillars, and send things between them.
    • Beacon. These crystal spikes extending a foot or three out of electronics-filled metal bases, and are orbited by a halo of glowing location symbols. They serve as a landing point for teleportation effects, and can be retracted through the teleport system. Teleporting to a beacon's old location sometimes works, but if the Nexus's geography has shifted much since then...
    • Amplifiers, worn by each of Atorre, can also serve approximately the same function as beacons, but given that they are more complex and less precise, are not preferred for transport.

    Spoiler: Flying Machines
    • RN-1 Angel-killer Gyrocopter - The simplest flying machine of its type that could actually work. No instruments. Manual controls. Hideously inefficient, high-fuel-availability engine. Light as a (very heavy) feather.
    • RN-2 Palmtree Gryocopter - A heavier version with a streamlined engine, radar, altimeters, and other instruments, electrocrystalline controls, some protection for the pilot, and at the cost of some maneuverability, a fixed-forward RP-H1 cannon or aimable RP-S2.
    • RN-K Wanderer Monocopter - A less practical vessel used for patrolling around Skyside and sowing off. One large wing with counterweight jet and engine underneath the pilot seat. Most are fitted with an S3 plasma cannon, and some are fitted with storage for delivering the mail.
    • RN-3 Pandora Gyrocopter - A Palmtree variant with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities accomplished through fewer, heavier tipjet rotors. Slightly improved in each way they can arrange, including more armor, shields and comfier seats.

    Spoiler: Other

    • Link Helmet - These collect and transmit sensory information and thoughts between participants linked by a shared configuration.
    • Overload Helmet - This ominous, heavy device is usually built into restraints, and slowly erases one's memories and personality, killing the person as an individual and leaving their body as an empty shell to be incorporated into Atorre as a minion. Always takes just long enough for a rescue attempt to get into CBIB and break the unfortunate wearing it out...if someone tries.
    • Shields - A ring with six emitters dispersed around it, these deflect energy attacks quite well and physical attacks moderately. Quite expensive to produce, so deployed only on the best soldiers and equipments.
    • Skate pads - These flat liquid-crystal containing blocks adhere to the bottom of one's shoes and generate a smooth telekinetic surface for skating along any terrain.
    • Image Detectors -

    They have machines that can temporarily or permanently link minds. Each body wears an amulet that amplifies their connection, linking them without distance and punching through many psi-blockers (though it's not impossible to separate them). They have cloning tanks, and keep a few spares of each of their bodies. They are a bit slow to work, but they do the job. Everything Atorre makes is obviously magitechnological, with lots of crystal and not so many moving parts.

    They do offer tours - weekday mornings only - for although people do live and work here, it's a great chance to show off.

    In the center of the estate is a veritable skyscraper, a glass cylinder fifty stories tall with a jaunty diagonal roof. (like so, but extending up off the page) Surrounding it are six smaller buildings (still at least 10 stories) all interconnected with skybridges, some of which are don't physically exist. Scattered nearby are some shorter, blockier buildings. Between the buildings is a surprisingly large amount of greenery. In theory you could walk right up. In practice, the guards would frown at that. Stay on the paths.

    The tour information poster will remind the visitor that none of these buildings are the original Coconut Spire that the House originally brought to Skyside (As it happens, that was located in the Raindrop district, and demolished to build a housing ziggurat some time ago).

    Atorre can be found in the House Torr estate in Skyside, Coconut Bee Island out in Seaside, or sometimes the Temple of Inari or Dancing Fox Inn.

    Spoiler: Agent Onecha Herrienegoiakakoa

    Gender: Female
    Race: Avariel, Winged Elf
    Age: 17
    Alignment: Lawful Evil, White
    Profession: Secretary
    Power Rating: D
    Description: Built for flight. Mostly short and thin and light, with cloud-white skin and feathered wings, with white-blond hair, big hazel eyes.
    Personality: Self assured and appreciative.
    Equipment: Auto-scribe, pencils, pens, paper, recorder, goggles
    Abilities: Flight
    Backstory: Yet another battle with the tribe of Harritu peak. They were defeated, overwhelmingly, and the eyrie fell. Those who survived were taken as slaves and sold away. Years of drudgery and torment rolled by. They were bought and if their current condition doesn't, categorically, differ very much from slavery, well, it's a little bit of an improvement.
    "This house has returned the skies to us and us to the skies. And for that I will be eternally grateful."

    Spoiler: Agent Alni

    Gender: Female
    Race: Desert Elf
    Age: Equivalent to 12 years old, thanks to exposure to the time stone. Probably born centuries ago.
    Alignment: Neutral, Red
    Profession: Pokemon Trainer
    Power Rating: C
    Personality: In her previous life, she was described as 'a vastly irritating person.' Alni acts to cover up her deepest fears. She is self-aggrandizing and a little bit chattery and never admits she was wrong.
    Abilities: Manifesting wings, connecting minds.
    Backstory: Originally trying to recapture the Fenethi and claim the Ioun Stones, Alni was turned into a baby when Bloodpaw Killick 'ran her timeline backwards'. She was collected by Atorre and ... studied, modified. The most psionically gifted of all of them, travels the world as a pokemon trainer with their natu, trying to prove that she deserves a place.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ka'alni
    "I'm a pokemon trainer, helicopter pilot, psychohistorian, and am just all-around great! As for employees, not exactly. You could consult - well, I suppose you people would call them slaves, but that kind of gives the impression that they're real people. They could tell you. If you want employers, most of them died in the Grand Celestial Revolution but I could dig up some old managerial records for you. I was educated most recently at the House of Seven Spires, with a specialty in temporal vortices and..."


    Natu (tiny Bird Pokemon, the Natural Sparrow)
    As old as Atorre's wings, or a little more.

    Abilities: Although their wings are too weak to fly naturally, Natus are powerful psionics capable of precognition, telepathic and spiritual attacks, and powerful TK.

    They can twist causality such that those who attempt to inconvenience them are snared in turn.
    Passive: Synchronize - Mirrors status effects (burnt, paralyze, poison) onto source.
    Hidden Passive: Magic Bounce - Reflects debuffs and disables onto source, with limited rate.

    While physically unthreatening, Natus can attack the mind, body, and life force with their mental abilities, draining a victim's strength and turning it against them. They often simply stare at a target, analyzing possible futures, until it moves, whereupon they preempt it with a single brutal attack.
    Peck - Power 35 Physical.
    Night Shade - Signature Ghost move, a negative energy Power <User's Level>
    Stored Power - Power 20*Stat Increases Special.
    Ominous Wind - Power 60 Ghost attack that has a chance to improve user's stats.
    Psychic - Power 90 Psychic attack. Destructive TK exerted directly on the target. Chance of lowering mental/magical defenses of target
    Future Sight - Precognitively guided attack. No defense can be raised. Power 120, takes effect 2 turns later.
    Me First - Do what they were going to do, but 50% stronger.

    Leer - An intimidating look that lowers defense.
    Teleport - Recall to somewhere you were before.
    Lucky Chant - Prevent incoming crits for several turns.
    Confuse Ray - Mental attack, confuses target into acting randomly and self-destructively.
    Wish - Slow aura-based healing. After your next turn, recover 1/2 your life.
    Miracle Eye - Cancels evasion and psi-resistance.
    Psycho Shift - Transfer synchronizable status effects to target.
    Power Swap - Exchange buffs/debuffs to attack with target.
    Guard Swap - Exchange buffs/debuffs to defense with target.

    Trained moves Pazuzu might well have learned are
    Aerial Ace
    Calm Mind
    Trick Room
    Double Team

    By game rules, he knows Psychic, Future Sight, Wish, and Aerial Ace. In a more free-form environment, these are his specialties.

    To fly is the essence of the gun. Flying types are immune to Ground attacks, strong against Fighting, Bug, Grass. Weak to Electric, Ice, Rock.
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