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    林 信治 and 林 粋身: Hayashi Shinji and Hayashi Ikimi

    (Behind the name:

    信 = "Shin" (onyomi): Honesty, faith
    治 = "Ji" (onyomi): Reign, rule
    Thus, Shinji = "Honest Ruler"
    Also a reference to 心事 ("Shinji"), meaning "Mind"

    粋 = "Iki" (kunyomi): Elite, sophisticated
    身 = "Mi" (kunyomi): Body, oneself
    Thus, Ikimi = "Sophisticated One"
    Also a reference to 生き身 ("Ikimi"), meaning "Body", or "Flesh and Blood")


    Gender: Shinji = Male, Ikimi = Female

    Age: Mortal body died at the age of 26; soul was purified as a Plus immediately afterwards. Lived in Soul Society for 143 years. Neither Shinji nor Ikimi know who arrived at Soul Society first.

    Apparent age: Ikimi looks 16 or 17 due to her short height. Likewise, Shinji looks 19 or 20.

    Height: Ikimi is 5'1'', or ~152 cm. Shinji is 6'4'', or ~183 cm.

    Hair: Both have black hair, but in the sunlight Ikimi's seems a little reddish, while Shinji's seems a little blue.

    Reiatsu/Speech color:Shinji, Ikimi

    Division: 13th

    Seat: 4th

    Appearance: Shinji is tall, very thin, and has a jovial, careless look about him. He wears his hair short and messy, and always goes about clean-shaven.
    Ikimi is short and has a toned, lean, muscled body. The atmosphere around her seems serene and orderly, almost strict, as is her normal demeanor. Her hair is shoulder-length and always kept in a neat ponytail.

    Personality/Hobbies: Ikimi is stoic and serious, almost to a fault. She has poor communication skills, is blunt to those who aren't her superiors, and keeps to herself. Nonetheless, few in Soul Society can match her devotion to her duties, and when it comes to getting things done Ikimi is one of the best people to rely on. Ikimi spends her free time exercising, meditating, and gardening.
    Shinji is easy-going, lackadaisical, and fun-loving, almost to a fault. He often disregards his duties, is improper to his superiors, and a bit loud. Nonetheless, few in Soul Society loves (the after)life as much as Shinji does, and when it comes to connecting with other people and inspiring his fellow Shinigami, Shinji is one of the best people to rely on. Shinji spends his free time reading books and comics, writing poetry and literature, playing his shamisen, and socializing. (He makes sure to make free time if there isn't any.)

    History: Even for the Shinigami the soul can be an unpredictable thing, full of surprises and anomalies. Take, for example, the Hayashi twins.

    In their mortal life they were one entity, Hayashi Shinobu, renown for being
    a paradigm of humanity in mind and body, and before that as Hayashi Hayate, a skilled Shinigami who died honorably in battle. After their Soul Burial, however, their soul was split apart into two imperfect halves, and so they became Shinji and Ikimi.

    They arrived in the 5th district in Rukongai, a pleasant neighborhood full of peace and quiet, fully aware that they were meant to be one and not split apart, yet unsure of where they were, who they were, and who the person before them was as their memories were scattered and fragmented. In a fit of confusion and fear brought upon by their traumatic arrival, the twins attacked one another, their half-souls screaming for reunion. It was fortunate for them, then, that they were in in the 5th District, where such violence was unheard of, and Captain Hayashi Natsuko had been passing by to visit old friends.

    As per Hayashi tradition, the twins were given the choice of being adopted by family, and with nowhere else to go and no one else to rely on, they accepted. Natsuko arranged for a cousin of hers to take them in, and so the two grew up as normal Hayashi children in the 4th District.

    Shinji and Ikimi were initially wary of one another, but even as their half-souls desired to be reunited, their spirits also longed for the presence of the other. Fear and hatred became mistrust and suspicion; mistrust and suspicion became mischief and rivalry; mischief and rivalry gave way to a close bond of trust and familial love. Today, Shinji and Ikimi regard their respective counterpart as their closest friend and confidant.

    Because their souls are incomplete, Shinji and Ikimi are likewise incomplete. Shinji possesses great creativity, social empathy, and intuition, and has a tough and tall body, but is poor with reasoning, deduction, and critical thinking, and his body lacks muscular strength and coordination. Ikimi possesses a strong, limber, and dexterous body supplemented by a talent for logic, mathematics, and organized thought, but her health is unusually frail, her body lacks reach and mass, and she lacks creativity, social awareness, and emotional capacity. This would have an effect on their Academy careers later on; Shinji has great talent for Kidou, but his Hakuda and Zanjutsu skills are laughable, whereas Ikimi's martial prowess was at the top of her class' but her Kidou skills are non-existent. Shinji's creativity allows him to use Kidou in unorthodox, unpredictable ways, while Ikimi's athleticism allows her to best many opponents in melee combat.

    After they graduated from the Academy with honors (though Shinji barely pulled that one off due to his lack of discipline), they elected to join the 13th Divison1; it seems that Hayashi Shinobu's soul had more than enough restlessness for two people to share. The twins cannot abide the feeling of doing nothing, so the 13th's active nature suited them well. And of course, the twins also wanted to join the 13th due to its commander being Captain Hayashi Natsuko. Ikimi and Shinji regard Natsuko as something of an older sister, a heroine, and a role model--Ikimi admires Natsuko for being able to perform her duties perfectly while still enjoying life, while Shinji admires Natsuko for being able to enjoy life to its fullest while still performing her duties.

    Zanpakutou: Although Shinji and Ikimi's souls are split, their Zanpakutou are still as formidable as any other. Both serve to amplify their wielders' respective strengths.

    Shinji's Zanpakutou is 完念 (Kannen), "Perfection of Thought". Its command phrase is 思え (おもえ: "Omoe": "Think")

    Ikimi's Zanpakutou is 完体 (Kannari), "Perfection of the Body". Its command phrase is 為ろ (しろ: "Shiro": roughly, "Act/Do")

    Zanpakutou Forms:

    Kannen appears as a nodachi almost as long as Shinji is tall. Its appearance is unexceptional save for the unusual existence of a pommel in the form of a dark red sphere. The blade seems a bit much for the lanky Shinji, and he sometimes seems to stagger under its weight outside of combat.

    Kannari appears as a very small and light wakizashi dagger, almost a medical scalpel. Its appearance is unexceptional save for its diamon-shaped dark blue tsuba. Combined with Ikimi's lack of reach and its own lack of killing power, Kannari makes for a disappointing weapon in combat. (It still makes for an excellent gardening tool, however.)

    Kannen appears as a metallic, nonagonal (9 sided) 3 foot long rod. The rod is ended on one end by a smooth sphere and a pyramid on the other. It is of a dark red color, engraved with proverbs and words of wisdom in black. In Shinji's hands, it feels very light, almost weightless.

    Kannari appears as a a 5 foot long nagamaki with a hilt wrapped in dark blue silk and the blade having a blue glow when held against the light. The tsuba looks much the same as it did when the blade was sealed, but seems stronger and tougher somehow.

    Zanpakutou, Inner World and Spirit Form:

    Kannari: Kannari's Inner World appears as a great desert, featureless save for a Stonehenge-esque stone construction of quality marble and perfect symmetry. The spirit of the sword appears as a human of uncertain gender or age, clad in thick, flowing robes. It is completely grayed out and lacks both color and emotion.

    Kannen: Kannen's Inner World appears as a vast ocean, chaotic and stormy with great waves crashing in each and every direction. The spirit of the sword appears as a formless, gaseous mass featuring and changing into every color imaginable. It is utterly capricious and can change its mood at the drop of a hat.

    Zanpakutou, Abilities:


    Shikai: おもえ, 完念! Upon activation, Kannen's engravings glow pitch-black, and perform three functions:
    1) Increase Shinji's intelligence and Reiatsu/Kidou abilities.
    2) Accelerate and clarify Shinji's memory.
    3) Slowly gather and recycle reiatsu expended by Shinji and Shinji only. The practical effect is that it eventually makes Shinji use 3/4ths of the reiatsu normally required for a given Kidou technique, assuming that Shinji casts a Kidou once every five minutes or so. Rapid casting renders this bonus useless. Reiatsu expended on Bakudou techniques do not recycle unless they are dispelled/broken.

    Bankai, 高踏的念 (こうとうてきねん, "Koutoutekinen"), "Transcendent Thought": The rod becomes a 9-pointed, dark-red crown that Shinji wears. Shinji has only just begun the long, grueling journey towards attaining bankai, but should he ever achieve it, it gains new abilities:

    1) Further increase Shinji's Reiatsu/Kidou abilities and intelligence.
    2) Further accelerate and clarify Shinji's memories.
    3) The reiatsu recycling effect remains the same, but this time decreases the reiatsu cost of Kidou by 1/2, assuming at least 5 minutes of recharge between each casting. The Bakudou restrictions still apply.


    Shikai: 為ろ, 完体! Upon activation, Kannari's edge glows a deep blue, and performs the following functions:
    1) Increase Ikimi's overall strength and martial prowess.
    2) Increase Ikimi's coordination and reaction times.
    3) Morphs between its current nagamaki form and two other forms: a wakizashi for close range combat and a naginata for when reach is required. Shifting forms requires a sizable expenditure of Reiatsu (roughly 1/4th of Ikimi's total) and five seconds of intense concentration.

    Bankai, 高踏的体 (こうとうてきなり, "Koutoutekinari"), "Transcendent Body": The Nagamaki's silk wrappings take over and become the weapon itself, resulting in Koutoutekinari appearing as a very long silk bolt that wraps around Ikimi's arms and torso, with each end of the bolt ending at her wrists. As with Shinji, Ikimi is decades, if not centuries, away from attaining bankai. Should she ever do so, she will gain the following abilities:

    1) Further increase Ikimi's overall strength and martial prowess.
    2) Further increase Ikimi's coordination and reaction times.
    3) Koutoutekinari can effortlessly morph between its wakizashi, nagamaki, and naginata forms, though it still takes about five seconds of decent concentration.

    Abilities: As stated before, Shinji and Ikimi have their own specialties. Shinji is artistic and creative, and as such he's talented in poetry, music, and literature. Ikimi is athletic and orderly, and as such she's talented in athletics, discipline, and gardening. Shinji is the kidou specialist, while Ikimi is the martial artist.

    Ikimi: Ikimi is unusually talented in hakuda and zanjutsu for a person of her ranking, and favors styles that combine grace, speed, power all into one potent package. She trains constantly with primarily the wakizashi, nagamaki, and naginata, but she knows that in combat she may not have the luxury of having a familiar weapon, or even a weapon at all, so she also makes sure to practice with more exotic weapons, improvised weapons, and unarmed combat.

    Shinji: Shinji has an instinctive talent for Kidou, and puts his creative nature to use in it by memorizing different chants and effects for each level of Kidou. Whereas most Kidou practitioners may have, for example, only one or two different Bakudou level 10 techniques, Shinji makes sure to have, at the very least, three or even four in his head at all times (and up to five with the help of Kannen). He is capable of Eishohaki (speed-casting) up to level 20 Kidou, and can normally cast up to level 50 Kidou. In terms of Outer Kidou, Shinji does not favor any particular one of the Wu Xing phases, favoring Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, and Metal equally, nor does he favor Bakudou over Hadou.

    Example Kidou spells known by Shinji:

    Hadou 1, Fire 1: 蝋燭 (ろうそく: "Rousoku"), Candle -- Shinji makes a small, candle-sized flame on the tip of his finger. In terms of heat and light, it is identical to a regular candle, and extinguishes as easily as a normal candle.

    Hadou 1, Fire 2: 火花 (ひばな: "Hibana"), Spark--Shinji snaps his fingers to create a spark, not unlike steel striking flint. This spell is capable of quickly setting alight tinder or stinging unprotected eyes.

    Hadou 1, Fire 3: Heat--Shinji points his finger at an object or person to raise the temperature of the target. Inanimate objects with small mass (ice cubes, a piece of food, etc.) are the only targets that are affected by this spell in any practical way.

    Hadou 10, Metal 1: 球体 (きゅうたい: "Kyuutai"), Orb--Shinji thrusts his palm at the target and sends a metal sphere 2 feet in diameter flying at the target. The projectile moves at the speed of a middling Quincy's arrow's. Shinji can change the direction of the moving sphere up to three times before the spell dissipates.

    Hadou 10, Metal 2: 笞 (むち: "Muchi"), Whip--A long whip made of chains bursts forth from Kannen's spherical tip and lashes the target. Offensive power is weak, but this can attack from many angles.

    Hadou 34, Water 1: 海神の通信文 (かいしん の つうしんぶん: "Kaishin no tsuushinbun), Message of the Sea God--Lord of Oceans, Lord of the Sea/ Cleanse the Plains and Cleanse the Mountains/ Your irresistible Wrath leaves no Sin untouched--A pillar of water forms in front of Shinji, flies upwards, and shoots downward at a target. This is a technique Shinji invented, with inspiration from Hibiki's water Hadou

    Hadou 50, Wood 1: 胎に帰る (はら に かえる), Return to the Womb --Mother of Earth / Take from me my enemies / Gather them up in your embrace / Make them Twice Born / Return them to Children of the Earth/ As they were before their Birth A great tree sprouts from the ground and attempts to drag into it with it roots any nearby enemies. Targets dragged into the tree this way are quickly decomposed over a matter of days, while spiritual victims are broken down into reishi. Its offensive power is designed to strike multiple targets, however, so a single target of sufficient power (typically tier 4 or higher) can easily break out of the tree's grasp with a burst of Reiatsu.

    Bakudou 1: 足塞 (そくさい: "Sokusai"), Restrain, Foot --Another version of the standard Restrain spell, this one creates a weak binding around the target's feet. Only applies to humanoids.

    Bakudou 10: 鉄傘 (てっさん: "Tessan"), Dome--Encases the target in a dome made of what appears to be steel. It won't hold anything stronger than a Tier 6 for long, however.

    Bakudou 20: 逆砦 (ぎゃくせい: "Gyakusei"), Inverse Fortress--Encases the target in what is a reverse castle: the walls are designed to keep things in, the moat is inside the walls, the keep's inner walls are far stronger than the outside's, etc. In short, a prison. This won't hold anything stronger than a Tier 5 for long.

    Bakudou 40: 密集方陣 (みっしゅうほうじん: "Misshuuhoujin"), Phalanx--Spears unending, endless lines of men / standing Shoulder to Shoulder, against the Encroaching Evil/ Repulse them! Stand fast! / The Morning brings with it the thundering Hooves of the Cavalry Surrounds the target with long, pike-like implements that press against his skin, threatening to impale him should he make even the slightest of movements. Though dangerous, a Fraccion's or high level Numeros' hierro (or similar defensive technique) should be able to mostly resist the spikes.

    Bakudou 50: 天岩戸 (Ama no Iwato)--Seal of the Earth/Seal of the Cave/Hidden from All/ Hidden Away/ Do not bring It Out/ Leave it There/ Forever, till Eternity ends/ Forbid dancing/ Forbid Celebrations/ For such Things may Lure Out/ The Sealed Demon The target is swallowed up by a great hole in the earth, which then closes back up, imprisoning the target in a great earthen tomb. The ground in the area of the spell is then packed tight and held fast by a barrier. This Bakudou can reliably hold up to Tier 4, and even the average Tier 3 target must expend a good bit of effort to break out.

    Shinji tends to cast Kidou spells quite flamboyantly, believing quite firmly that combat, as with everything else, should never be boring.

    13th Division Strike Team: Hourai


    Team Hourai is one of the five Strike Teams that constitute the elite among 13th Division officers. Lead by the twins Hayashi Shinji and Hayashi Ikimi, it is more of a generalist squad, and many of its members (including Shinji and Ikimi) also focus on training future 13th Division officers, and thus future Strike Team members. Team Hourai tries to keep itself balanced and varied, capable of answering almost any threat, though certain situations may require Strike Teams that are more specialized.

    As with other Strike Teams, Team Hourai has a small office building attached to the 13th Division HQ. This is where Shinji and Ikimi spend most of their time while on duty but not in the field, and they've grown so attached to their little office that they often use it as their own barracks. As a result, Team Hourai's office has a small bamboo garden in the backyard (where Ikimi likes to rest and meditate), plus a pen for Shinji's pet rabbits. (Shinji and Ikimi have worked very hard for these privileges, and sometimes worry about getting told off for personalizing their work space too much.)

    As Strike Team leaders, it's Ikimi and Shinji's duties to not only be ready at a moment's notice to answer distress calls from patrols, but also to do the paperwork once the fighting is done, and nowadays most of their work hours consist of filing reports on casualties (deaths, injuries, Missing in Action, etc.), equipment expenditures, collateral damage, mortals harmed, and so forth. Ikimi does her best to get all the paperwork done on time; Shinji does his best to shove it all on his sister, though that rarely succeeds.

    The twins try to encourage the other team members to spend time in the office in order to get to know one another better, believing that doing so will raise team morale and build trust.

    Team Structure:

    Team Hourai is structured much like any other Strike Team, but it has its unique features:

    Squad Leader(s); Hourai 日 ("Hi") and Hourai 月 ("Getsu"): Hayashi Shinji and Hayashi Ikimi. It was decided that the twins made for a potent combination when they work together, so they were made co-captains of Team Hourai. They have equal authority within the Strike Team and in the Division, but they don't hesitate to defer decision making to the appropriate twin should the situation call for it. Ikimi's call sign is Hi; Shinji's call sign is Getsu.

    Squad Members; Hourai 1, Hourai 2, Hourai 3, and Hourai 4: the four other seated officers of Strike Team Hourai.

    Squad Trainees; Hourai 5 and Hourai 6: Shinji and Ikimi also train low-seated or unranked 13th Division Shinigami to be future Strike Team members. Prospective Strike Team members may petition Captain Natsuko for permission to undergo Strike Team training; the most promising cadets are sent over to Shinji and Ikimi. At the moment, there are only two trainees; the hard-working, dedicated, but highly unfortunate Niegodou Neshire (Last name, First name) and the clever, mischievous Banai Ite. Shinji and Ikimi are always on the lookout for promising trainees.
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