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    Default Re: All a dwarf needs - the saga of the Zuntir Clan (DF Community Fort)

    Telling them that it wasn't even alcohol yet didn't work, and neither did threatening that in its current state, the drink would twist their insides into knots. In the end Celes had to start sleeping in the kitchen to make sure no one drank the wine until it matured.

    "And Lurit help me, if I catch any of you down there, I'll cut off your feet and feed them to you!"

    Even so, she still didn't dare to wait longer than the bare minimum of time for the berry juice to ferment. A month without alcohol had everyone on edge, and with a barrel of it just downstairs, that they were forbidden to touch, would end up in a riot sooner rather than later.

    So, on the 25th of Slate (as Obadiah informed everyone), she hauled the barrel up to the main chamber when everyone was out working, uncorked it, poured it into mugs, and left them on the table. Then she went back downstairs, taking one with her. There she sat and drank the wine, wincing at the sour taste, and waiting for the fun to start.


    "I know I said we need to protect ourselves," Obadiah said, "but I'm no longer sure we should wall ourselves in like this."

    He was watching Jahjah some distance away, who's been setting up a counterweight system for the camp gate, and was currently cursing loudly after dropping a rock on his foot.

    "There are disadvantages," Derek replied, without looking up from the seeds he was sorting into small piles. Obadiah waited for him to continue, but the smith remained focused on his work.
    "It feels wrong," he said finally. "I'm sure the walls are fine, but there's all this open space, and there's this slope above us... What if a goblin bowman snuck up there? He'd have a clear shot at anyone in the courtyard. Or what if an avalanche comes down? Or a flood? All the outposts I worked in did things the proper way: dig in, get the supplies inside, and seal off the exits until the caravan arrived," he looked at Derek, who has started to poke holes in the ground with a sharpened stick. "That's how it should be. Dwarves belong underground, where it's safe. The deeper, the better."
    "We're not dwarves," Derek dropped a couple seeds into the first hole, before moving on to the next. "We're exiles."


    We're almost up to summer by now. The undead seem to have moved on for now, which is a relief. Booze situation is improving - we could have three varieties by now, if I could get more barrels somehow. Stream is still partially frozen, which makes me doubtful whether those parts (including the one right next to the camp) will ever unfreeze. But I think we'll manage to pull through.

    Bayar: interestingly enough, there is an exposed cobalt vein near the camp. Though I still prefer olivine, I think.

    Rollory: Sure thing, though I don't recall you actually submitting a dwarf *checks notes* Nope, unless I somehow missed you, in which case I apologize. Also, glad you enjoy the story.
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