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    Name: Alysha Sietka
    Gender: Female
    Age: 200, looks 23
    Race: Shinigami

    Alysha stands at 5'6" tall. Her skin is a little on the pale side, which helps make her hazel eyes stand out. Her hair is a light brown, and it falls straight down, ending just past her shoulders. She wears traditional shinigami dress, with the addition black half-gloves.

    Alysha is extremely optimistic. She giggles a lot, and laughs easily. She pretty much always has a smile on her face, and she seems to be able to get along with almost anybody. Part of it could be that her mood seems to be infectious. She constantly tries to help people, because she feels that's what people should do. Help each other. Because nobody can do everything that needs to be done by themselves.

    She isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, and she isn't the most highly skilled shinigami around. But, you'd be hard pressed to find a time when she isn't giving it her all. She takes her mistakes with a note of humility and humor.

    Alysha is not one to fight. Her zanpakuto reflects this. She will try as hard as she can to avoid any fighting.

    This does not mean, however, that she will run if somebody is in danger. It just means that she will attempt to get the person away from the danger first. If she can't, then she will stand and defend them.

    During her time in the Rukon district, Alysha helped run a small clinic. She worked a lot with younger patients, and always did her best to cheer the people up.

    During her time in the academy, she was an average student. She showed some talent in healing, and also showed a liking for it. So, it is little surprise that she was assigned to 4th division. Her skills weren't the best, but they were good, and she was willing to spend the time to make them better.

    Tetsu no Ishi (Iron Will)

    When sealed, her zanpakuto takes the form of a slightly short and slightly thick katana. The pommel has a small chain hanging from it. A keychain. From the end of the chain hangs a small generic key, similar to a stereotypical skeleton key. The whole chain, key included, is no more than six inches in length.

    Zanpakuto Spirit: Tetsu no Ishi resembles a large man. The kind that could be called a bouncer. He is almost seven feet tall, and looks like he could throw a small car if he wanted. Without much effort. He even has the buzzcut and black sunglasses one would expect on a bouncer. He never says much, but he means everything he says.

    Inner World: Despite Tetsu no Ishi's appearance, Alysha's Inner World is very pleasant and mellow. It consists of a large, grassy field, which has more green than any real field would have. The sky is a brilliant blue, and there are just enough white, puffy clouds in the sky. There is a lone birch tree, and forest can be seen in the distance in every direction, though it can never be reached.

    Shikai: Stand and defend, Tetsu no Ishi!

    When released, her zanpakuto takes the form of a buckler, which she carries in her right hand. It becomes silver in color, with a gold, three-circle design in the middle.

    Released, Tetsu no Ishi has the ability to use Alysha's energy to create a sort of force shield, centered on the buckler and extending out. The size of the shield and its strength depend on how much energy Alysha puts into it. Theoretically, this shield could block anything, but it would take a massive amount of energy, which Alysha simply does not have. As such, she tends to use it just before the attack hits, and keeps it up long enough to hold off the attack. This method does make it more likely that she will get hit, since it relies on her timing. But, it also cuts back on the amount of energy used, since she only uses enough for the blow itself. So, she is able to keep that method going longer than a constant use.

    Bankai: Not yet achieved.

    Alysha is a fairly talented healer. She has been improving since she became a shinigami. This includes healing Kido.

    She has become fairly skilled in using both Keikatsu and Meiyu. Her use of Meiyu isn't that great, simply because it's focused on more targets.

    Alysha, with her zanpakuto.

    Detail of her zanpakuto and its Shikai form.
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