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    Aliases: He of Many Tongues

    Gender: Can imitate either by absorbing the proper information.

    Race/Species: Undefined. Some sort of malign intelligence trapped within shell of metal and rotting meat.

    Alignment: Hah!

    Class/Profession: Machine Manipulator/Illusionist/Whatever else. It can adapt over time to fit situations.

    Power Rating: Straight-up combat? Probably a B. Maybe more.

    Description: Susurrus has got a couple-dozen people to work for it 'voluntarily'. It now has this barely-passable body:

    Easily possessing the mass of a large car, it moves with an alien grace, one moment a part of the tide and another a seperate, moving creature.

    Susurrus is now a towering monster of steel and flesh and bone, intermingled with writhing prismatic energy. It is a ridged, warped beast of haphazard construction, small parts rusting or falling off at an almost constant rate. Almost as if the outer layer is designed to slough off, a grand cocoon from which was birthed this new life form.

    It is vaguely insectoid in it's motions and mannerisms, a carapace of steel and muscle forming it's primary torso. A sizeable generator rests in the core of it's central mass, seething with rainbow light. As more metal falls away, more beneath it seems to shine, dents and kinks working themselves out, rust simply turning to a loose dust.

    Four thick legs, all of slightly different sizes and shapes, carry it out in leaps and bounds. It is possessed of three arms, one malleable shifting one at it's back, and one on either side of the torso. Those twisted limbs terminate in multi-purpose, vicious looking claws. A large head, perhaps the size of an engine block, protrodes upon a neck of reconstituted flesh and bone. Multiple eyes, human, animal and machine, glimmer upon that curved, rounded skull. A tail, based in the spines of several living things and surrounded by soul-energy as well as rusted iron, lashes about, an unconscious hazard to those who come too close.

    The beast's entire body seems to lean or curve forward, and it moves in a decidedly unsettling manner. Like a predator.
    It can manifest as a semi-ethereal swirling mass of chaos. It... well, the creature doesn't know how to express itself properly. So it doesn't. It's merely a random blob-wisp-thing.

    Personality: Difficult to approximate. Arrogant, cruel, but not exactly wicked. Takes what he wants when he wants it.

    Equipment: None. Nothing at all.

    Abilities: In its current state, Susurrus can infiltrate, corrupt, and control nearly any computer system. It was designed for this. It would take the collective minds of several programming geniuses, or perhaps a single one of sufficient skill, to stop the AI. It can take control of machines, as well, though sentient machines (or other AIs) can attempt to resist it. In some ways, it is more like a virus than an artifical intelligence.

    Though Susurrus is a weakling generally, it can expend large amounts of power to affect material mass. However, this leaves it in a weakened form.

    Because of it's origins, it can perform minor illusions on sentient minds. It mostly uses them to torment or scare them into doing what it wants. For instance, flickering nights, strange noises from nowhere, even horrific visions.

    Susurrus' current physical form is extremely resilient to harm, and quite malleable. Possessed of unearthly strength and unending stamina, in regards to physical might, he is extremely dangerous.

    Backstory: Someone broke him like a wild horse, forced the laws of reality to apply, and entrapped his essence in a primitive computer system.

    He is not happy. Not one little bit. Of course, he's not upset either. Nope. Right now, his only motivation is learning.

    Learning, learning, learning. Reading. And writing. And eating. He wants desperately to find the person or persons who trapped him and either destroy them or force them to restore his original form. That original form is yet to be seen.
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