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On the contrary, both have certain themes they adhere to (as do most very effective/evocative demons, angels, and the like). Talisid is an especial paragon of friendship and humility - indeed Book of Exalted Deeds takes pains to spend several paragraphs pointing out that friendship is the special theme of the guardinal leadership in general and Talisid in particular. Sealtiel specializes in purity and the quest for enlightenment (as well as leading the heavenly military). For clearer examples of good themes, I'd say check out the celestial rulers from A Light From on High (as mentioned by The Tygre) over here: link

Selecting portfolios helps give direction to their organization and servants, attracting new recruits and inspiring those servants.

Peoneir might be the angel of the balance of trial and mercy, scourging the wicked and delivering from suffering those who do not deserve it.
Agapeial of protection and prudence, promoting vigilance in the righteous and delivering the innocent from evil.
Treasanerva of creativity, rebellion, and exposing evil, calling out those who threaten the physical foundation of good lives.
Scarumaiel of redemption and acceptance.
That's all very interesting. You're right of course about themes being the right road to take. Do you have any suggestions concerning Isamukemen, Moriphractiel or Seraphitus? What concepts of good can be twisted to neutral (Moriphractiel) and evil (Seraphitus)?

Perhaps Seraphitus is excess? In terms of the Seven Deadlies, Lust, Gluttony and Greed all come from excess, as treading on Pride, Envy, Sloth and Wrath might put him too close to the archdevils.

Perhaps Moriphractiel, being angel of Pangea, represents the removal of good and evil, the lack of moral absolute in a world without civilization. OR maybe he's just the angel of DINOSAURS!!!