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Looks better, though, actually, Spirit warlord was probably good at a +2 or +3; +5 is a pretty huge bonus, although as a capstone, it's justifiable. The weapon abilities are nice, and it's chassis is improved. It won't be hitting super heavily offensively, but it's got a wide variety of abilities it can change every once in a while, so it's at least fairly within the +0 PrC area. I'd definitely buff the Acolyte of Archangels feat, though.
No can do (at the moment) with the Acolyte of the Archangels feat, it is identical to Knight of the Stars, Disciple of Darkness, Thrall to Demon, Servant of Heaven and Favoured of the Companions. Those feats are just part of the package of doing a PrC like this, though in time I hope to build a feat more like Brand of the Nine Hells for these guys, something with actual benefits.