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There's nothing wrong with excess, but I don't know that it relates at all to what little you have already said of Seraphitus. As for Moriphractiel, simply removing good and evil is too vague and general. I wouldn't worry about making Seraphitus too much like archfiends - several archfiends are in fact fallen celestials anyway.

Personally, I'd play on uncomprehending innocence and selfish ignorance for the neutral and evil one, respectively, since that plays well into the plot of losing one's higher mind.

Moriphractiel I would call angel of passions, the visceral, emotional aspect of goodness. The pangs of love, the playful wish to pull a jovial prank, the urge of sympathy to help those in need. Joy, mutual delight, and others, together with the ease of mind to put it into effect in the world and balance negative emotions. With the theft of his mind, he is no longer so effective, as he cannot reason how to implement his desires. In light of this, his servants have become demoralized and fractured. Some have taken up his mindlessness as a significant shift in his portfolio, and embrace the ideal of innocence, attempting to avoid corruption from (and the negative emotions caused by) the society of sentient beings. In some cases, this has gone so far as to lead some of Moriphractiel's servants into evil, unreasonably fighting against civilization and civilized beings to the point of sabotage and murder of those who enter wilds chosen by Moriphractiel's followers.

Seraphitus could be the angel who decides ignorance is bliss, and tempts others into ignoring what they should not. He uses willing ignorance, hatred, intolerance, slander, propaganda, prejudice, and laziness. He stirs up those he can manipulate into serving him (wittingly or not) and distracts those he cannot with self-indulgence and petty concerns.
Well that Seraphitus one is good, but I must especially commend you on the Moriphractiel one. I had sort of that idea, but your's is so well put. Sounds good.

Any ideas for Isamukemen?