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    Faction profile: The Legion of Travesty

    General Information: A diverse group of creatures that hail from the "Dark World", they seek to remind mankind as to why it originally feared the dark. Most members won't actually seek to kill their victims, just scare them; keyword is most, the other is kill, as some do not shy away from grievous bodily harm. Each is a twisted creature that normally should not exist, but does. Each disguises itself in an outfit that looks like a humanoid stitched up sock.
    Leader: The man with the umbrella. A man with skin completely white, eyes and a a mouth completely black, a red tuxedo, and always carries a black umbrella with him, opened and above him like it was always raining. He is incredibly powerful, capable of warping his minions almost anywhere in the Nexus, walking through solid matter as if it didn't exist, and ripping holes in space-time without breaking a sweat.

    Members (Because mooks deserve a mention):
    ...nightmarish warrior. The warrior is about eleven feet tall, with dark-blue skin, no lips, welded-on armor covering the arms, waist down area, and a plate upon the head, and the body is covered with numerous arrows and partially broken spears that have stuck themselves within
    An incredibly powerful warrior addicted to the thrill involved in the destruction of objects. Not poetic like his brother, but is somewhat musically inclined. (Deceased)

    Kestral the Stalker-Description:
    One is a torso and head, but no bottom half. It has the head of a utahraptor, three sets of arms (two sets are small regular human hands, while the last pair are massive gorrila ones which it uses to walk around on), dangeling entrails from the hole where the bottom half should be, and it has an exo-skeleton (not like an insect, but bones on the outside of the flesh).
    A pervert who loves to stalk people, especially the pretty women. It's really creepy too, considering he likes to get his internal organs in their face to hear them scream. Squick.

    One looks like a midget with massive, fleshy club arms, and two frog heads.
    A brute who is incredibly stupid, let's just leave it at that. (Deceased)

    Kilroy Reagis-Description:
    One is a centaur of sorts. The human part has six arms, each wielding a mace, long black hair, and an obsidian horned helmet fused to its head. The animal half is a hairless spider colored yellow with sickly-green dots all over.
    A warrior with no battles to fight, he's just along for a chance to pick a fight and screw around with people.

    Meloniane Kera-Description:
    Meanwhile the one who birthed all the spider-things bursts the rest of its disguise, revealing its form to all. The center/head has a mushroom cap design, and is a pink fleshy color, covered in yellow eyes. Underneath the cap are three rows of jagged teeth, eight serpentine tongues, and two human legs.
    A lady of class and taste, enjoys classical music and romance stories. Also gives birth to dozens of human-headed spider crabs that serve her every whim, but she still cares for them.

    Cheswick Oaken-Description:
    The other horror is halfway emerged in the floor, and has revealed itself as a man-shaped tree with numerous gnarled branches serving as limbs, a face devoid of features save six red circles, and much shorter gnarled branches atop the head.
    Normally dwells within the Misty Woods in the Dark World, joined up with the Legion for a chance at living like his ancestors. Very protective of friends, and a reasonable being.
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