Imagine if all real-world conversations were like internet D&D conversations...

Kid #1: I'm gonna take my castle Legos® and build a sailboat out of them!

Kid #2: What!? How dare you say that sailboats are cooler than castles? That's factually incorrect!

Kid #3: Lego® brand building blocks are about imagination, not mechanics. If you can't just throw your castle in the bathtub and pretend it's a sailboat, you fail at creativity!

Kid #2: Yeah! I'm not playing Lego® wrong, you are!

Kid #4: What a waste of time. You should just buy a toy sailboat.

Kid #5: Noobs! Both castles and sailboats are suboptimal. You should build a cable-stayed suspension bridge.

Grognard: Bah. The original 1913 Erector Set was the last true edition of building toys!

To the OP: don't listen to these naysayers. Keep tinkering -- and sharing -- to your heart's content.