Looks awesome, nice artwork, and has a feel of someone who is "all and nothing" (which is kind of what I think of when I think of void).

However I do have some critiques:

1) Please either type out the name of whatever book you get a feat out of, include a list of the books you used, or type out a feat that way people know where to look (what book is RCS?).

2) Same with the spells (you don't have to type it out after every on of them, just put a * next to them and assign it to a book title).

3) I'm not sure about this invisible spell feat. I've never heard of it and I don't know what book CS is. Assuming that it does what it sounds like it does (making all visible effects of a spell invisible but leaving everything else [sounds, smells, tremors, etc] untouched) it might be a bit much right out of the gate. I'd suggest moving it to at least 5th level, maybe even 10th or 15th.

4) When using Void Sense, can you "sense" everything in an area if that's what your focused on?

For example: Could you see, hear, etc. EVERYTHING that is going on within a building that is within range (lets assume it's within the 1 mile range) since you can sense and area?

If that's the case then it could be too powerful. I don't think that was your intent but be aware that anyone's work can be twisted by Min/Maxers.