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    Quote Originally Posted by nonsi View Post
    Didn't check right now if you changed things in the OP, but the first things I'd expect to see in the features of such a concept class are:
    - Invisibility
    - Init boost
    - Blind Sense
    - Guarded Mind (mask one's alignment, Scry resistance/immunity, etc)
    - Blind Sight
    1. Invisibility is an air power, and belongs to the storm lord. However, not being there is definitely a void power, which is why blink is on the list. I'd reluctantly taken out etherealness, swift etherealness, and ethereal jaunt when paring down the spell list. Since you also agree that we need MOAR ELUSIVENESS I'll make some hard decisions and find room to put those spells back in.
    2. Why does a void disciple have quick reflexes?
    3. Blindsense/blindsight is something I'm hearing from both of you. I'm not sure how to make it fit yet, but I'll find a way.
    4. Guarded mind: another good point. I had also scrubbed several spells that support this theme when trimming the spell list. I'll edit room for them.

    Quote Originally Posted by periscope69 View Post
    About Void Sense...

    Do you perceive like the Scry spell?
    Can the point from which you perceive move?
    Do you see out to line of sight?
    Can the point go through doors, walls, and floors?
    Can you essentially "explore" an entire complex without having to go in?
    Can the point be seen (like a scrying sensor)?
    Can someone detect it and realize someone's looking?
    Do you have to specifically state where it pops up?
    In order, yes, yes as a standard action, yes, yes as a standard action, yes, no, no not without magic, and yes but if you get it wrong you can reposition as a standard action. I've added several paragraphs of additional detail to the ability to more clearly define how it works and what it can and cannot do, and how it can be defended against.

    Make no mistake, however. Sense Void is really really strong - with it the void disciple is hands-down the best diviner in the game.

    ...stuff about how void disciple needs MOAR ESP...

    Without some way of perceiving in the dark, Sense Void takes a hit to its usefulness (I'm assuming spells that give you stuff like dark vision fall under "magical senses" and therefore have to wait a bit before being able to be used reliably).
    Hehehe ok, you and nonsi both want MOAR ESP! I'll add more.

    I'll hack into that psionic power and see what I can think of. I'm also considering creating a feat that would expend a use of Sense Void for defensive combat benefits, something that would be of interest to a void disciple gish (and yes, there's an elemental warrior PrC coming soon for these classes ).

    Of interest: darkvision and similar spells specifically will not work with Sense Void, ever. There are some limits, after all.

    On Invisible Spell:

    The only one of the top of my head would be Sphere of Ultimate Destruction since it requires people to see it to have a chance against it and since it stays for a couple rounds (I'd think that it would have some sort of effect on the environment).
    I can live with that.
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