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    Faction Profile:

    The Queendom of Scarsil

    Leader: Queen Agony, though she has a Grand Conclave to advise her and act as her most powerful servants.

    The Grand Conclave: Several different aspects of the Queendom are run by these individuals. They are her eyes, ears, and arms throughout the empire. As there are seven different Conclave members, so I'm going to write up their character sheets over the next few days.

    General Information:
    Scarsil is an expansive, multi-world empire that spans many lands and nations, all brought beneath the will of the Queen. Her countless armies are currently fighting at least three different minor wars across multiple planets. Her base of power lies at the edge of the Multiverse, upon a former wasteland planet now converted into a capital for her nation.

    Her people use a variety of technology and magic, though her main armies focus on the utilization of overwhelming arcane might. Technomagic is used heavily in everyday life, and the closer one gets to the capital, the more luxurious the life of the common citizen will be. At the edge of the empire, well, those lands get the least attention for the moment, and those who live there tend to be either dirt poor or of a less-than-scrupulous nature.

    The Queen, for the longest time now, has been seeking to make the Nexus the home of her capital. I suppose we'll just see how that goes.

    Important Agencies of the Queendom:

    The Queen's Army and the Queen's Air Force

    Founded and led by the great Lord Arthur Pendragon, an alter-Earth version of the legendary King and member of the Grand Conclave, the Queen's legions are a force to be reckoned with. They utilize Technomagical vehicles capable of tremendous, firey destruction combined with heavily armed and armoured infantry. Practically every aspect of the Army is enchanted, be it with protection spells or spells designed to assist in the destruction of enemy forces. These technomagic vehicles are typically legged rather than wheeled, and can range from small recon units to towering engines of magical might.

    As I'm in something of a hurry, and I don't expect to see full scale combat between the Army and Nexus forces anytime soon, I shall go into more extensive detail another time.

    The Queen's Men

    The secret police, special investigators, and wide-ranging agents of the Queen's will. They serve High Inquisitor Byron Katch, who in turn speaks to the Queen. They are kept under tighter control than the Army itself. They also use more advanced technology, as well as less magic.

    This organization is adaptable. They seek out traitors and dissenters, retrieve objects of interest for the Queendom, perform clandestine operations (some of which can have one shot at their very mention) and so forth.

    The Queen's Men can also act as first-contact agents with sentient peoples.

    The Custodians

    A race of hawk-headed giants from an Egyptian-styled world, they wield great magical and physical power. The Queen, after failing to conquer them, managed to talk them into a deal: if some of their soldiers act as the Queen's personal guard, the Queen would provide them with much-needed resources. These behemoths also act as guards in the Queen's largest cities.

    Current Members of the Grand Conclave:

    Byron Katch, High Inquisitor and head of the Queen's Men.
    Aliases: The Queen's Hound, High Inquisitor
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Devil
    Age: 67 human years, though he looks significantly younger whilst he is still humanoid.
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral, though he's gone through a couple alignment changes over the years, and is always questioning his own morals.
    Class/Profession: Aristocrat/Agent/Inquisitor
    Power Rating: D/C with standard preparations. Though he tends to find specialty tools for special needs.
    Description: Tall, swarthy, almost invariably dressed in a brown button-down uniform emblazoned with the a series of waved, curving stripes at the shoulder. The whole outfit runs down to his boots, and he tends to wear simple, practical clothes underneath.

    His skin is a dark green in coloration, and four short horns extend from the back of his head, pointing in different directions. Other than these features, he is mostly humanoid, though in an emotional state he can grow more monstrous in appearance. He has no hair on his head. His eyes, when normal, are a blue-brown. His features are smooth, but angled, in composition. This face is human-looking, albeit green and horned.

    Personality: Loyal, arrogant, deceitful, patient, pessimistic, vengeful, grudge-holder, opportunist, short-tempered. He tends to be really compassionate only towards his friends, which today consist entirely of the Grand Conclave. He has a long-standing rivalry with Sir Arthur, though it is a friendly one. He is exceptionally polite. He once had a relationship with Erin, but they had a falling-out a couple years back.

    Equipment: A few random magical items, a pistol, his clothes, probably some survival supplies, and perhaps a personal effect or two.

    Abilities: He has a variety of rogueish and diplomatic skills at his disposal, as well as a high aptitude to aim ranged weapons. He is not well versed in close combat. He can do some minor magics and can figure out how to work most magical items. And... well, any other abilities an Inquisitor would have. Tech abilities, technomagical understanding, etc. Finally, his strength increases somewhat if he shifts back towards full Devil form, but his intelligence lowers.

    Background: A devil, born to fight as a footsoldier upon the Infernal Battlefields in the Lower Planes, sought a purpose greater than himself. A life of rage and eternal bloodshed bored him, and truly, he was far more intelligent than the norm for his devilish variety.

    So he ran, escaped, dodged any traitor-hunters sent after him and came upon a burgeoning nation: The Queendom. And so he's served her ever since, steadily climbing in the ranks, and eventually, founding his own agency to protect the kingdom, the Queen's Men. He's become deeply endeared to the other members of the Grand Conclave, since they've been formed.

    Lord Arthur Pendragon, Commander-in-Chief of the Queen's armed forces.

    Nerizene Boyce, Archdruid of the Conclave, head of Agriculture, Head of Zoology, and so forth. She's in charge of the general things that deal with nature.

    Carter Chapman, head of Exploration, Archaeology, History, and similar aspects of the Queendom.

    Edwin Stones, resident Magi-Scientist in the conclave and captain of industry. He puts forth his considerable mental faculties in pursuit of superior technology and scientific knowledge for the empire.

    Earius, Edwin's counterpart in magical dealings. She is head of the Mages Association in the empire, and focuses on development of magic for use in both military application and everyday life. Her people sometimes assist the Queen's Men in espionage.

    Erin Vapsid, Head of Economic and Trade Welfare. She keeps an eye on the money, the commerce, and anything related to those two.

    And that should be all for now. I plan on developing this faction profile over a period of time.
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