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It would probably work better to have the class deal 1 Wisdom damage per day, rising by 1 at 4th, 7th, and 10th levels, unless the character makes a DC 10 + class levels + Wis modifier Will save or something.

That would make the Will save at 1st level 11 + Wis modifier (let's assume +4 for this example), for a total of DC 15 every day, on penalty of losing 1 Wisdom for the day.

At 4th level, it'll be 14 + Wis modifier (+4 again?), for DC 18, on penalty of losing 2 Wisdom for the day.

Of course, then you risk the absolute need for a restoration spell every few days if the character has an awful Will save.
That method means you'll constantly be taking huge penalties at DCs that are far higher than your will save unless you buy epic cloaks of resistance, dip a ton, or get a different stat to saves. That's even worse for a divine caster.