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Scion of the Fury Entity
As noted above, the name is a mouthful. I don't really like it. It's also really weird that rage, which strikes me as an amazingly real emotion, has as its source the Far Realms; that doesn't really make sense to me. Fury is understandable, even simple - things the Far Realms should never be, IMO.
Myself, I think you could simply say that while fury isn't exactly something of the Far Realms, the things that the connection to the Far Realms inspires in someone is incredibly strange and their minds do not know how to cope with it. They go temporarily mad, which registers to their minds similar to fury, or at least to those who look upon them. While it isn't fury that is going on within them, fury still is the closest Material Plane counterpart to whatever it is the Far Realm instills into the Scion.

As for the name, just "Scion of Fury". It doesn't quite exactly make a reference to the Fury Entity with its name, but close enough, and fluff is independant (though closely tied if done well) of names.