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  1. Blindsense/blindsight is something I'm hearing from both of you. I'm not sure how to make it fit yet, but I'll find a way.

Hehehe ok, you and nonsi both want MOAR ESP! I'll add more.

I'll hack into that psionic power and see what I can think of. I'm also considering creating a feat that would expend a use of Sense Void for defensive combat benefits, something that would be of interest to a void disciple gish (and yes, there's an elemental warrior PrC coming soon for these classes ).

Of interest: darkvision and similar spells specifically will not work with Sense Void, ever. There are some limits, after all. :smallbiggrin
You could just give him darkvision or Blindsight and say it's from either mastery of the void or exposure to the void (with the Blindsight, don't run it off a specific sense, just that they "Know" where they are and where everything else is in the range, have it be supernatural and therefore subject to AMF's).

There was a feat I saw that made it so that every time a specific opponent missed you, they took a penalty to attack roles (to a max of -5) but if they did hit you it reset. It also ended with the encounter (if you fought them again later they wouldn't start off with a penalty).

You could have the defense feat run like that but add to the penalty with Void uses (to a max of -10).