Gender: Male
Race/Species: orc, fiendish owlbear
Age: 13/2
Alignment: CN
Class/Profession: beserker
Power Rating: D+
Description: A dark grey and muddy red owlbear baby with shiny eyes and backwards curving devil horns above his eyes.
Personality: Naieve, curious, and generally childish, due to having a young orc's mind shoved into a baby fiendish owlbear. Craves attention.
Equipment: Just a little leather diaper/loincloth.
Backstory: Nyorg was a young orc who never stopped getting into trouble. One day, on a dare, he snuck into an old witch's house. Unfortunately, he accidentally fell through her window onto her and killed her. with her last breath, she cursed him to wander forever as a clumsy baby owlbear. wandering the woods, he was almost eaten by his tribe before he was saved by a celtic warrior with a time traveling stone.
Miscellaneous: Hangs out with Lann Conall http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetvie...sheetid=224198