Or just Fury Scion, for that matter.

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I'm using this for a villain in a campaign.
I'm imagining a red-faced man sitting at a desk, veins pulsing in his forehead as he slowly and carefully writes out a sickeningly detailed description of what he wants to do to the people angering him in beautiful calligraphy.

In fact, that gives me an idea for a magic item: a collection of writings from a worshipper of the Fury Entity, part diary, part meditation on the nature of anger, and all ludicrously profane and horrifying. I'd call it the Litany of Fury. Its powers would probably run off charges, which can be expended either to cast Rage or to attempt to nauseate a target for one round. Making it language-dependent might work well; while "ARRRRRRGH" makes sense in any language, more refined portions of the Litany such as "I'M GOING TO MAKE YOUR CHILDREN DRINK VOMIT FROM YOUR BROKEN SKULL" need to be understood to have their full impact. Perhaps it could give access to the Fury domain's ability, as well. As a nice bonus feature, the scrolls can be rolled up and used as a light mace, as the magic of the words makes the paper as hard as iron when used in the service of rage.