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    Default Re: [3.5] Jade Throne, discipline for the Kings of Battle [ToB/LoB, Discipline]

    At a glance, it seems similar to Iron Heart in general theme and focus. You also steal a lot of stuff from both Iron Heart and Diamond Mind, which is OK if you are replacing those disciplines in your ToB re-write, but sort of not cool to be used in conjunction with the others.

    Level 1:
    Nice, well rounded, similar stuff already exists, so it's easy to judge.

    Level 2:
    Oh ho, this is a powerful level. Regal Blade is even better than Burning Blade and Untyped. Not too OP though. Rising Jade Strike though, is overpowered. Concentration for DOUBLE? That's big. And no drawback if I read it right. I would make it Concentration check, or do no damage. And then top it off with a very good counter. Bit too good here.

    Level 3:
    Another powerful level. Both dazing strike and Strike of Defeat are very powerful, although Dazing Strike will have a pretty low DC unless your version of the warblade has use for CHA. It's okay though. Strike of Defeat is really deadly tough. +4d6 damage almost all the time is really good, and is still really useful as you won't be one-shotting things at this level. Better than the previous level though.

    Level 4:
    Jade Zephyr’s Dance is nice, cool and flavorful. Perseverance of Jade is like the Diamond Mind counters +, as their biggest pitfall was knowing which to prepare. And wait a second, have I seen this before? Ah! now I see why Regal Blade was level 1, it only applied to one attack. Noble Blade seems about right here, considering that the Burning Blade series was one of the big draws of Desert Wind.

    Level 5:
    Jade Zenith Strike seems a bit too powerful again, only one level higher than Ruby Nightmare Blade and far better. Perfection of Jade is Iron Heart Surge again, and we all know what that can do. Needs more clarification. Jade Duelist Attitude is nice. Good level.

    More to come.

    On the side: Concentration is CON based, yet the discipline is CHA? Odd.
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