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    Default [3.5] Iron Tortoise (v2), a shieldfighter's discipline [ToB/LoB, Discipline]

    Iron Tortoise

    Laine Blackwall, an Iron Tortoise disciple

    The discipline known as Iron Tortoise rose up from the need to protect one's self and allies from harm during wartime. Dwarven phalanx fighters knew that their shield protected them as much as their brother, and that a sturdy shield wall could repel almost any harm. Masters of this form of combat came together over the years and traded secrets to their forms and fighting styles that came from many kingdoms ranging from dwarves and men, and many wars, until at last a style of fighting was born. The Iron Tortoise, as it was called, was named this due to it's implacable defensive nature. Blades, arrows, and even spells can be turned aside by a master of this discipline, for both the martial adept and for his allies.

    Iron Tortoise disciples learn that their discipline requires their defensive stances to be perfect; they must not be budged from their spot unless they choose to move from them. Shield fighting being as it is, requires them to bear a stout shield in one hand and a swift weapon in the other to strike at their foes with. They also learn that they must be prepared for anything, as well as having perfect footing. To this end, the Iron Tortoise discipline's associated skill is Balance, and its associated weapons are the shield, shortsword, shortspear, handaxe, battle axe, dwarven waraxe, and the longsword.

    (Crusaders may replace Stone Dragon with this discipline)

    Author's Notes: All Iron Tortoise maneuvers require use of a shield in one hand. Animated shields are not allowed as they do not allow the full range of motions required to use these maneuvers. Tower shields may be used, but cannot be used to perform shield bash maneuvers.

    Addendum: This is a repost of this discipline; I've deleted the old one. I've done some significant edits to it, as the old thread became, well, old, I am reposting it. This is another Libram of Battle discipline, so understand it's meant as a replacement book for the Tome of Battle, and they will not interact together as intended by the author.
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