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Honestly, I think this is brilliant work, and I knew it was gonna be good when I read it over at Sorcerer Studios. Which, by the way, I can't access for some reason...
To me, this discipline plays like Army of One meets Diamond Mind, with the intended user being the kind of noble swordsman who's too proud to do the sword-and-board thing. Since I have a battlemage/warblade (Danzig Nyttafjell) who uses a single katana, this approach seems right up his alley. Then again, since he's the reincarnated Prince of Ulthar, having a discipline that practically screams "noble", is a perfect fit too.
You seem to have captured perfectly what I was intending for the flavor and theme of the discipline I'm glad you like it, and if you find yourself using it (again, replace Iron Heart with Jade Throne) let me know how you do with it.