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    Default Elemental Prestige Classes and Feats [3.5 PEACH]

    LATEST: Elemental guardsman is uploaded! Click the link to jump right into the action!

    This is a collection of options intended for use with my arcane elemental casters:

    Fire, the emberhaunt
    Air, the storm lord
    Earth, the earth dreamer
    Water, the wavekeeper
    Void, the void disciple

    Below you'll find feats intended for elemental casters, both homebrew feats of my own creation and official WotC material. Also included are the master of elements, a class similar in role to the archmage, and the elemental guardsman, a gish class for those seeking a more martial spellcaster (think swiftblade meets jade phoenix mage).

    Current Status: All items are uploaded. Please critique.
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