I was mostly fine with everything last time you posted, except for some creative differences. You've fixed the scaling problems with the lower level stances and such, which is good, but I think most of the other complaints about free daze effects and effective Wall of Blades at level 1 will still be there (I'm just fine with the Iron Shell myself).

It would help if you linked back to the original thread in case someone who posted before wants to check with the old version (or spoiler an update summary in the first post). Additionally, if you've decided to balance against the Libram of Battle project instead of Tome of Battle itself, it would help to link to it, and I wouldn't expect as much response (I haven't been following it at all and had forgotten about it until you mentioned it, for example). I'm guessing since they're replacing the disciplines, the fact that Iron Tortoise steals some thunder from the original ToB disciplines is intentional, but that means people that aren't on that project aren't going to have a frame of reference.

I'm still liking a shield based discipline and this has got all the basics even if one disagrees with parts of it. And you have an awesome picture.