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Steel Shell seems a little silly, as it does the same as the 1st level maneuver, plus DR 20/-. It feels a little simple/redundant. I like the idea, but I feel like it could be changed somehow to be made a little more different from the earlier maneuver. This goes for Adamantine Shell as well.
I actually think it's one of the better parts of the discipline. Fully blocking attacks is the core of what I'd expect from a shield discipline, but there's really nowhere to go from "beat their roll". So instead, the better you get, the less damage you take even if you don't manage to fully block the blow.

Adamantine Turtle Lord's Stance: I believe there are no cone or line effects which require an attack roll. Dragon breath weapons do not, I believe. Again, seems like it should be caster level check versus attack roll for balance. The shield bonus maybe could be +4 instead of +2, to boost it from the previous stance? Maybe not. (I love this ability. Stopping lines and breaking cones is really damn cool. Well done).
Ah yes, this was something I should have brought up as well. I think the original version was a counter that didn't require a role, but for a continuous stance that's too much. I'd also limit it to once per round. "The adept may make a roll using his BAB +shield bonus once per round against the caster level of a spell, or against 1d20+HD of a creature using a supernatural ability, and if successful..."

All of the attention grabbing aggression maneuvers are great and well done, fitting, and useful. I have found that it is often a little sketchy how the DM has to usually stop particularly intelligent opponents from simply focusing fire on the squishy ones to avoid repeated, annoying, and anti-climactic deaths. This seems like a great solution.
Agreed. This discipline uses a combination of making it harder for foes to hit your allies, and striking back hard enough to make them consider you a major threat that needs dealing with, which are both needed if you want to be the tank.