I particularly like this Bard variant. I'm actually planning to make a similar class soon.

Just a few questions though:
  • What type of action is sonic disruption? Full Round, Standard, Move, Swift, Immediate, Free?
  • Under Bardic Music you mention they can attack normally while performing. I wonder how they would do so while using an instrument.
  • I take it they are supposed to be playing the entire time they use Bardic Music's effect.
  • Can they use Bardic Music as often as they like? Meaning any number of times per day.
  • On the Perform checks, it seems it should be based on the current instrument (or vocals) being used rather than the highest. It doesn't make sense that a Bard who's only learned to play the violin would be fine if he lost the violin and had to use a flute.
  • When you say the effects last a number of rounds equal to highest ranks in perform, does that mean per use or are they only able to use the bardic music that long each day?
  • On the skills, you say +2 per level. Is that to how much a bard normally gets, or is it reduced to int mod + 2?
  • I take it Bardic Knowledge is gone.

Also on a side not, you accidentally have <br> in the level 1 special abilities.