Made some changes to many maneuvers as suggested by Pechvarry and Icewalker, though I did not agree with all of them (and did not change some of them because of it). I do however appreciate all of the suggestions made and the thumbs up for this discipline.

As far as why Warblades are not getting this is because of a few reasons. One, the class this is intended for in the Libram of Battle is an Intelligence based warrior that has more in common with Crusader than Warblade. Secondly, the abuse possible with a couple warblades together with these maneuvers gets ridiculous, thus crusader recovery balances it more so. It's not like Martial Study doesn't exist or prestige classes that warblades could qualify for that would benefit from this. And lastly, this is the iconic/signature discipline for the LoB class, just as Jade Throne is a signature discipline for it's class. Think of it like Devoted Spirit and Iron Heart for Crusaders and Warblades.