Bit late to the party, but meh. After your PM, I decided to read up on the spirit shaman and decided I'd start playing around with some stuff for it. Might have that up in a few days. In the mean time, some advice/critiques/questions.

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Modified Base Class

Spells: A spirit shaman casts divine spells from the spirit shaman spell list. A spirit shaman can cast any spell she has retrieved and the spirit shaman’s spell retrieval and casting mechanics are identical to those presented in Complete Divine. A spirit shaman can retrieve a limited number of spells every day as indicated in Table 2. Like all spellcasters, a spirit shaman is limited in the number of spells they can cast every day. The number of spells a spirit shaman can cast every day is indicated in Table 1.
Emphasis mine. The regular spirit shaman doesn't have its own class list; it uses the druid list. Did you plan on creating a separate list for spirit shamans, or is this a simple typo?

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Table 6 - Summon Spirit
{table=head]1st level|2nd level|3rd level|4th level|5th level
Nixie|Satyr (no pipes)|Dryad|Satyr (with pipes)|Pixie (no special arrows
Grig (no fiddle)|Magmin|Medium Elemental|Large Elemental|Belker
Small Elemental|||Allip|Shadow[/table]
A grig (with fiddle) would be a nice addition to the 2nd- or possibly 3rd-level list. It could also be possible to add some creatures from other books, although if I recall correctly there are exceedingly few low-level spirits. Also, can a spirit shaman use this spell to summon any elemental (for example, a shadow elemental from Tome of Magic), or just the "classic" ones described in the Monster Manual?