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    Johnathan Dempty

    Alias: He Who Seeks for Reunion, though he doesn't even know it yet. He has a number of fake identities to avoid detection by the authorities on Earth. The 'Dempty' last name isn't even a legitimate one, simply a fake alias that Johnathan's father made because he thought it would be funny.

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human, somehow.

    Age: Mid-late twenties, I think.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, which could really snap towards either end of the Alignment pool at any time. He's in a bit of a moral Limbo right now.

    Class/Profession: Previously Psychopath/Soldier/Environmental Worker, currently drunkard/vagabond-without-a-purpose.

    Power Rating: Probably around D.

    Description: Average height, currently gaunt face, fair skin, very light blonde hair. He gets buzzcuts usually, though. He's physically fit, but not really slim.

    His ears are cropped close to his head. His facial features are short and solid.

    Personality: Not too long ago, he was nothing more than your run-of-the-mill fictional psychopath, who believed in his own little unoriginal purpose for mass murder. Y'know, freeing people from the misery of everyday existence, or some such. But after a certain encounter with a certain Jack Empty, John abandoned what he thought to be his purpose. He abandoned a lot of things. Though that base sadistic hunger for blood yet remains, it's starting to disappear. And John's life is starting to take a new direction. One that will be very, very bad for the multiverse in the long run.

    At his most basic, he's still a simple, angsty teenager who misses his mother. This teenager sought but an outlet for his inborn rage. A trait inherited from his father, maybe. Until now. Now, he's just a depressed, confused young fellow who, after clinging to his supposed righteous purpose for so long, has finally admitted to his own insanity. And then left it behind.

    He tends to be a tad obsessive and unstable, keeping his feelings in check only when things are going his way. Otherwise, he tends to betray his emotions when in a bad spot.

    Probably add more later, or just develop him as I go along. Or both.

    Equipment: None. At the moment, no knives, no weapons, nadda but the clothes on his back.

    Abilities: That of an above-average human soldier, as well as a practiced psychopathic killer. Of course, without any weapons, this doesn't amount to much in the Nexus.

    Also, he may not be able to die, or at least, not permanently. Not really clear on it yet.

    Backstory: I'm not really clear on it yet. Though for players who care, he is the bastard child of Jack Empty. And rather important to my little Holders mythos that I've introduced to the Nexus.

    Miscellaneous: To this day, he's killed precisely 538 people. That number is probably insignificant to you. As it should be, for the sake of sanity.
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