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    I'd like to register a new character. Duh...

    Erias Goldtiger

    Alias: Eri (nickname, only for friends) He has no title so far.

    Gender: Male.

    Race: Human.

    Age: Late twenties.

    Alignment: Chaotic Good. Tends to lean toward his own way instead of anyone elses.

    Class/Profession: Explorer. He travels the world in search of dragons in order to catalouge the many species and study their behaivior. He studies rune magic as a form of defense against the more hostile ones.

    Power Rating: D

    Description: Erias looks to be of a stronger build, although he is no great warrior. He usually dresses in a blue poet shirt with red pants with a renaissance style vest. He falls a bit taller than average height for a human. His hair's about medium length for a guy. He always wears a pair of black gloves with red embroidery on them. His face looks like a young man's. It has a few large scars.

    Personality: Erias doesn't like the laws of the cities. He prefers to go his own way, doing what he thinks is right. He is cocky and quite often sarcastic. He will jokingly play and joke with anyone, it doesn't matter if they're a king, peasant, or monster. He trusts people quite quickly, and people are friendlies first, enemies only when they become a threat.

    To the first to meet him, he seems quite childish and stupid, although once you see him in his ballpark, ie; in the woods, on the hunt for a dragon, he comes across as very serious and intelligent.

    (Keep in mind, this is a young character in terms of time created and played. I still need to develop him some more.)

    Equipment: Erias carries his journal and a writing utensil wherever he goes, as well as host of potions, runes, and other tools used in his trade of dragonology. They are in pouches attached to his belt and his vest. he also wears a sun hat when needed. He also carries a longsword in a sheath at his side.

    Abilities: As I've said before, Erias practices rune magic in order to defend himself against hostile dragons. He has a number of defense and stealth spells, but few that can harm or kill anything.

    Backstory: Erias was born to a regular family. His big brother was a blacksmith and his mother was the woman of the house, and the two were the ones who kept the house. Erias's father was an explorer, and rarely saw the family. Erias enjoyed more than anything seeing what his father brought back from faraway lands, and he pretended with his sibling that he was a great explorer, seeing the world like his father.

    On his 10th birthday, his father returned with a strange egg. He gave it to Erias as a token of his journey to a hot island, where jungles dominate much of the surface and the oceans thrive with colorful fish. Erias, in excitement, accidentally dropped the egg into his brother's forge where he assumed it was birnt to a crisp. His father got him a baby chicken instead.

    In 3 weeks, the chicken was full grown, and a strange creature crawled out of the forge. Erias recognised it as a bipedal dragon, one that hatched from the egg dropped in the forge. It ate the stupid chicken, and it became Erias's pet. Erias raised it as his familliar, and it soon hunted on it's own.

    His father returned one day and saw Erias's dragon. He saw that his son was gifted with the ability to speak to and understand dragons. From then on, he accompoanied his father on the journies.

    Erias learned from his father and became an explorer himself. The world is there to be explored, and the dragons are there to be studied. Some day, he may just find them all.

    Misc.: Erias has a dragon fammiliar named Redwing. He is very intelligent and acts as a companion on his journies. He also understands how to track, read maps, and use other navigational instruments. Although few can recognise his species, he is a Pygmy Marsupial dragon. He has a bright crimson coloring and is still a hatchling, although he is about 14 years old. Occasionally he rides on Erias's shoulder.
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