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So it's like PF rogue+, looks nice, but needs more master abilities. Or I would just like some. I still get the feeling that it could use just that little bit more, but very good anyway.
Thanks! More master abilities are easy to add. I didn't want to add too many initially because of concern of overloading the class.

The reason I chose the Death Attack & HiPS for master abilities is that HiPS is definitely one of the most useful abilities for a rogue and rogues that want it either have to PrC out or take a template. My idea for each class is that you don't need to Prestige Class out of it to make the class effective. By giving the rogue HiPS there is less reason to take the Assassin PrC, so I added Death Attack, which is still in flavor and concept with the rogue.

If you want to offer a suggestion for a master ability I'd look at rogue themed prestige classes and post ideas based on abilities found there.