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    Race: Human
    Age: 55
    Alignment: LG
    Class: General
    Power Level: 8-9
    Description: Oswin is a large 7'6", and is generally a very imposing man. He wears very large and heavy red and gold armor. Picture.
    Equipment: Oswin's main weapon is a 10' silver lance on a chain. He will throw the lance at his opponent, then quickly reel it in with the chain. ((Attack Image)) His alternate is a large silver throwing axe, that returns after thrown. Both are extremely hard to break, and a normal human cannot wield, or even carry them. Oswin's armor covers his entire body, and weighs about 400 lbs. It is very thick, and very resistant to magic and other energy attacks.
    Abilities: In the way of abilities, Oswin merely has his strength, his near invincibility due to his armor, and his skill with the weapons he uses.
    Backstory: Oswin was teleported to this world in order to save his life. His army was under attack by a group of assassins, led by the notorious Jaffar. The assassins were too powerful for his sleeping army, and the great Archsage Athos attempted to teleport him and a group of his personal guards to safety. As the spell was cast, however, Jaffar himself began atttacking Athos. This distracted Athos, and as a result Oswin was sent here instead, his guard split up, looking for him.
    Affiliation:None, as of yet.

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