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    Name: Markhithassirn
    Alias: Mark
    Gender: Male
    Race: Yugoloth, Marraenoloth subtype
    Age: 127
    Alignment: Technically Neutral Evil
    Profession: Ferryman on River Styx, formerly. Right now, a spy.
    Power rating: 3 or C-
    Description: Like all Marraenoloths, Mark resembles an extremely skinny human with bleak eyes. However, instead of a grey, drab sack-like robe most of his kind wears, he prefers a stylish, if rather dirty and worn coat, also with hood.
    Personality: Mark has an upbeat and relaxed attitude. He doesn't understand why all his brethren are to bent on spreading corruption all over the multiverse or manipulating Tanar'ri and Baatezu against each other. He believes everything would be better if they just relaxed and stopped worrying so much. He likes hanging out with people, drinking beer, playing chess and writing stories.
    Equipment: Mark only has his coat, a cheesboard, a set of figures and a boat hidden in an extradimensional storage. He tends to carry the oar around with him though, for an inexplicable reason.
    Abilties: Despite his appearance, Mark is smart. As a Marraenoloth, he has a good sense of direction and memory. His most potent ablitiy is his fear-inducing gaze. He can also summon lesser daemons for help and cast some minor spells.
    Backstory: Mark was born on Gehenna and spent his early existence as a ferryman on River Styx. However, as an incredibly atypical Yugoloth, he was something of an embarassment for his extremely gloomy and scheming brethren. This caused him to pack his stuff and leave, to everybody's surprise. Despite severing most of the ties to his home plane, he remained a mercenary for other fiendish races. Recently, he's entered into the service of a General Baalthazar who ordered him to keep an eye out on his daughter.
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