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    Considering it's still an at-will (if conditional) Death Attack, it's ok for its DC to be a bit lacking. There's always Ability Focus for a virtual +4 Rogue levels (assuming half rogue level). You could perhaps put in a condition for gaining an extra +1 DC per additional round studied up to a maximum (either half Rogue level to bring up to full rogue level total or simply up to INT bonus). But even that is quite dangerous -- any situation where an Assassin can study for 3 rounds, he can probably study for NI rounds.

    Definitely agree with Tinydwarfman -- addressing Sneak Attack immunity would be great.

    EDIT: I see you are, now. Waiting 'til the capstone is a preeetty long wait. I might suggest, in addition to your Master ability with half-SA against anything normally immune (about half the monster manual, btw), Adept abilities that allow you to add full SA but only against a chosen family. So you can use Adept abilities at lower levels in an undead-heavy campaign, or wait 'til Master abilities to grab the catch-all.
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