Personally I wouldn't give an adept ability at first level, but that's just me. It's not really a big deal either way.

Additionally I would make Hide In Plain Sight available as an adept ability with just the prereqs Hide 8 and Move Silently 8.

Here are some more abilities that might interest people:

Spell Reflection (Complete Mage)
Acrobatic Charge (Swashbuckler)
Magical Knack: Use any one 0-level arcane spell as an at-will spell-like ability.
Superior Initiative: Always roll two dice and take the better result when rolling for Initiative. (Alternatively just add INT to Initiative)
Uncanny Luck [Prereq: Any one Luck Feat]: Add your CHA modifier to any Luck reroll.

Uncanny Feint: Feint in combat as a swift action
Combat Speed: Move your speed as a swift action Dex times per day
Ambush Tactics: Always act during a surprise round and take a full round action during surprise rounds.
Uncanny Sniper: There is no maximum range on your Sneak Attacks.
Lucky Bastard [Prereq: Any one Luck Feat]: Gain additional Luck Rerolls equal to your CHA.
A Thousand Faces [Prereq: Disguise 13]

Alternative Capstones:
Deadly Strike (Ex): At 20th level a rogue has become so adept at sneak attacks that she may maximize one sneak attack per round.
Deadly Precision (Ex): At 20th level a rogue has become so adept at sneak attacks that she scores a critical hit she may multiply her sneak attack dice by her critical multiplier once per round.