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Thread: [3.5/Heroic]Rogue Revision

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    cooperflood Thanks for the ideas. Here are the ones I think would fit.

    Acrobatic Charge (already there. The Light Step ability to move through difficult terrain also allows the rogue to charge over difficult terrain.)


    Superior Initiative: Int modifier to Initiative. Once per day re-roll Initiative, taking choice of rolls.


    Uncanny Feint: Good. Requires Improved Feint, which is added as an Adept ability.

    Hide with No Thought (Ex): When combat begins the rogue gains a free surprise round before any other actions are taken. The only action she may take during this surprise round is to move half her speed and hide. If the rogue is the creature initiating combat she does not gain this ability but is instead able to act in her surprise round as normal. Requires Superior Initiative, Camouflage, and Hide in Plain Sight.

    A Thousand Faces: Good, but no Disguise requirement.

    Tinydwarfman I like the idea of the skill based capstone. Not sure what though.
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