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    The Masked Bastard

    Alias: Anon E. Mous, The Inciter, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, The Bird, A.

    Gender: Changed at will. Though for this CS, to simplify things, I'll refer to it as a he.

    Race/Species: Human? Devil? Possessed human? Who knows.

    Age: Even I don't know. Probably fairly young.

    Alignment: True Neutral, though he tends to lean both ways. Basically, "Whatever you want it to be." He might still have some moral principles, though.


    Class/Profession: Espionage Expert/Spy/Shapeshifter

    Power Rating: D/C, with what he has on him usually.

    Description: Anything he wants. Though when off-the-job or speaking with someone who knows his identity, he'll typically wear a V-For-Vendetta Guy Fawkes mask, a cheekily grinning facade that he finds amusing. Other than that, nothing is consistent.

    Personality: Here is where he has problems. He changes so often, becomes others so often, he can't seem to remember what he was really like when it all began. As a default, he tends to be cheeky, patient, and enjoys inciting anger in people. He likes mind-games, games in general, and is rather intelligent. He often drowns himself in simple pleasures. For what reasons, he doesn't say.

    He tends to mimic or copy the last person he became. Cheery, short-tempered, mild-mannered, hearty, friendly, whatever.

    Rather a sad existence, not really being someone. Keyword 'one'.

    Equipment: He keeps a safe house somewhere in the Nexus, a place for weapons, relaxation, supplies, and hiding out. His inventory is always changing to accomadate his personal whims or the next assignment. What he needs, he buys or steals.

    Abilities: Complete duplication of another's body, essence, spirit and sometimes mind. He can shift forms at will, and does so regularly. This ability seems to be unlimited. For most or all intents and purposes, he becomes the creature entirely.

    He possesses some skill with a wide range of weapons and combat types, though mostly firearms. He can fight in hand-to-hand combat well enough, and is typically very quick and agile.

    He can completely cloak himself by using chameolon-esque shapes.

    He can only become something vaguely humanoid.

    He can steal your mind and personality, like a doppelganger, except without the brain-eating part.

    He knows a lot of guys.

    He cannot duplicate mind or magical or superhuman abilities. However, he has some illusionary magics, and can use them to fool people into thinking he can do other those things.

    He has a surprisingly large knowledge of Earth pop culture.

    His creator might add more later, depending.

    Backstory: Not much. He showed up in the Nexus a few months back, going into public only when absolutely necessary. It's just now he's starting find some work.
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