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    Christopher Grimm (Name subject to change)

    Alias: "Hey kid" to most people at first. "Chris" to others. He has gone under a bunch of aliases when he found it convenient.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 17
    Alignment: Neutral Good, a little towards True Neutral
    Class: Warblade/Factotum would probably be the best way to summarize his abilities.
    Profession: Adventurer/detective is a good start.
    Power: Around 3.5 to 4

    Fair skin, dark brown hair, green eyed, and about 5' 7". His hair is thick, brushed towards the front and upwards, with sideburns reaching past his earlobes. He has been described as Olympian, albeit in a half-kidding manner, his build muscular and fairly broad-chested. His fingers are fairly long and thin. He tends to have a serious face, although it isn't "GRIMDARK" by any stretch of the imagination.

    NOTE!: Thanks to the limitations of the Tektek Dream Avatar app, the pictures provided are meant purely as a guidline to give you an idea of what it looks like.

    Chris Classic: A hoodie, t-shirt, a pair of black, fingerless gloves with gray spider web patterns, and a pair of loose, slightly tattered denim jeans. He also wears black tennis shoes with white accents, as well as a red lightning bolt design. He tends to wear a dark blue backpack with various trinkets and baubles on it.

    The hoodie is one with a zipper through the middle, with pockets in the front. His hoodie is black, with gold and ash gray decorations of typical urban styling; skulls, aces of spades, playing cards of all aces, baroque tooling, that sort of thing. Across the chest are bold white letters of the word "FAIL'D" in capital letters, with an "XD" emoticon at a diagonal near the D. On the forearms of the sleeves are two images. On the left forearm is an image of unicorn, holding half of a shield. On the right forearm is an image of a lion holding the other half of the shield. Both images are styled in the form of heraldry, looking like two halves to the same crest. He tends to wear his sleeves down over his knuckles and a bit of his fingers.

    Chris with Bandage: Pretty much Chris with a bandage on his arm and not wearing a hoodie.

    Battle Nerd: An unbuttoned, long sleeve green shirt over a white t-shirt with a black jolly roger on the chest. Brown pants. Horn-rimmed glasses. Slung over the shoulder is a tube, like the kind used to transport paintings.

    Backpack Baubles:
    Tiny figure of Churuya-san in famous "Nyoro~n" pose.
    Tiny figure of a Prinny from the Disgaea series.
    Thin light blue crystal.
    A green and black pin of an Ace of Spades.
    Dreamcatcher made of silver and turquoise.
    1" circle pin with an image of an angelic Companion Cube.

    Diligent, patient, courageous. He is clever and smart. Also a little stubborn and one-tracked when he is on a job. He also can come across as blunt and kurt, often when in pursuit of a goal. He isn't unkind, however, and is willing to help those he feels need it.

    The Vorpal Blade: Yes, the actual blade that went "snicker-snack" in Lewis Carrol's poem "Jabberwocky". The handle part of the sword is made of iron, and is really simple in design. The blade itself seems to glow an intense golden-yellow color that somehow doesn't give off illumination.

    This blade is enchanted with the ability to cut through any physical substance that the wielder chooses. Thus, theoretically, the wielder can make the blade deal completely non-lethal damage, as well as cut through opponent's hide as easily as a hot knife through butter. However, the ability does not affect non-physical substances, such as magic and souls (unless they somehow became a physical substance).

    The Tinderbox: An artifact from the fairy tale "The Tinderbox" by Hans Christian Andersen. It is in the form of a brass Zippo lighter with black clockwork tooling.

    The Tinderbox can summon up to three dogs, one each time you flick the lighter. All three look like fiendish doberman pinschers, each one larger, stronger, and more demonic looking than the last. All of them are around the size of a man, however. They seem to have a bit of a fire theme, no doubt due to the nature of the object they are bound to. They are capable of speech, have keen senses and great strength, and can seemingly instantaneously retrieve any objects their master wishes.

    Armorweave Hooded Jacket: His hoodie. It is enchanted to where it acts as a set of magical full plate armor, while still retaining the qualities of fabric clothing. The enchantment extends all the way down his pants also, essentially completely armoring him.

    Spidersilk Gloves and Socks: His fingerless gloves and socks. They magically fit any size. These items give him the ability to run up walls and ceilings, also allowing him to cling to surfaces like spiders.

    Backpack of Holding: The dark blue backpack. Pretty much what the title says, a bag of holding that is a backpack

    The contents:
    Of his pockets:
    An iTouch that has infinite battery and can get internet reception anywhere.
    The Tinderbox.
    A wallet, containing about $450 in cash, along with change and a couple of gold coins, as well as a magical fake ID that changes to fit whatever is necessary.
    His cellphone.

    Of his backpack:
    A bag of gold, a bag of silver, and a bag of copper.
    Trail rations and water purifying pills.
    A toolbox, filled with almost every tool you could think of.
    60 feet of rope.
    A grappling hook.
    Duct tape.
    First aid kit.
    Lockpick set.
    Gas mask.
    Handcuffs and ziptie handcuffs.
    An FN-P90, along with several magazines for it.
    An M-16 with grenade launcher, along with several magazines and ammunition for it.
    Flare gun with extra flares.
    About half a dozen flash grenades.
    A spare sword.
    A notebook with infinite pages, bookmarked for convenience. The contents of the notebook are various notes and analysis papers.
    A bottomless pen.
    A miniature forgery kit.
    A proper laptop, also with an infinite battery and internet connection everywhere.
    A Nintendo DS with games. Also a PSP with games.

    In addition to his athleticism, he has an enchantment on him that increases his speed, strength, and toughness slightly. He is quite smart and clever. He has quite a bit of practice with the sword, and he is quite proficient in both melee weapons and ranged weapons. He has some experience finding, avoiding, and disarming traps. He can be quite sneaky, and can take on disguises quite well. Thanks to both his intelligence and his notes, he has quite the collection of knowledge, although at first it is relatively limited. He has a slight aptitude for magic, but so far the extent of his abilities is basically a telekinetic push, and not even a big one.

    Backstory: To be written later.

    Misc.: May have notes here.
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