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    Alias: Goliath
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Half-Elf
    Age: 33
    Alignment: LN
    Class/Profession: Spellcaster of some sort, makes a study of it.
    Power Rating: C

    Personality: Ilyena is a scientist, first and foremost, and his study is magic. Everything magical. Curiousity, rationality, and little patience for anything in the way of explanations. Needless to say, this attitude does not make him popular with the wizards and warlocks he studies. Ilyena is rather used to treating people like puzzles to be solved, and marks to be robbed. With his few friends, though, he's quite loyal and would go to the ends of the earth for them.
    Equipment: Ilyena has a small collection of magic items that he's either not through studying or can't bear to part with, sealed away in a bag of holding. Aside from that, Ilyena has a jaw-droppingly extensive catalogue of spells on his laptop, and has memorized a decent portion of them. He does a lot of traveling, so his possessions are limited as far as clothes and such go.
    Abilities: Ilyena is a formidable spellcaster, in that he has a spell for every occasion and can modify and combine his spells when nescessary.
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