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    Default Re: Angelic Paragons: Fury of Tresanerva (PEACH)

    Quote Originally Posted by Mulletmanalive View Post
    12ft tall and made of mountain. Doesn't sound very angelic to me at all. This sounds like a nature spirit or one of the half assed attempts at fairies that Wizards are known for kicking out [see the court of stars...]

    I'll work with what's here, however.

    It's in general not good practice to make a class accessible to only one base class; i know wizards did this, but there's really no good reason for it. Even the Fist of Raziel is accessible via non-paladins...

    Prehaps opting for "Dirty Fighting +2d6, Hijutsu +2d6, Skirmish +2d6/+1" or something like that. If anything, reposte would work well with this class. Either that or removing the requirements and including the advancement of the Brawler in a spoiler so that the class advances it even if you didn't start with it.

    Monk classes do, why not this?

    I'm not seeing Diplomacy or Sense Motive. They're pretty standard things for Exalted classes [the ability to at least TRY peace being a big factor in being exalted in the first place]. You're also lacking Knowledge [Religion], which should really be a prerequisite as well.

    Advancing a badly organised class. Mentioned this before. You'd be better off including the advancement of these in a spoiler or sticking with a core class: Despite myths, there's a table in Sword and Fist that proves mathematically that Flurry of Blows does actually increase your hit rate as long as you need less than a 17 to hit and more than an 8...

    I take it that using this is a ranged attack with all this entails. I know of some players who would argue that because it's described as being a melee attack, it doesn't provoke Attacks of Opportunity. I think that would be a bad idea if that was the intent.

    Ok, so we have a form of high temperature silicate metamorphic rock involved here. Armour spikes are a passable ability, though the increase in dice size is nice. Best include how this interacts with the daffier damage dice that the Brawler has [how the hell do you advance 2d10 for instance? It's not in the tables].

    So it's the Knight's challenge ability...Ok...

    Not that that's all that powerful as it is.

    Lame. Why would you use this, aside from the fact that like as not, you have nothing better to do with your swift action? It's a +1 bonus to a bonus category that you're already going to have better in if someone amongst your number is a Clerical caster or a Bard...

    Waste of text space here.

    Interesting; is this what it does on the Knight? If so, i'd never noticed...

    I actually like this one, though it does seem out of place on a volcano themed nutter. Will comment on this in a few class abilities time. Should be in the table.

    A -2 is very meh at this level, considering it's a fear effect... Very very meh. T'would be much better if it were able to make the "chaff," as you put it, flee like sissy girls, negating any need to harm them, but that's worth more than one challenge attempt, especially considering how pointless the first one is.

    It's at least intrusive ignius rock, i suppose. Obsidian and Silver are not found together, though that's just pedanticness. Like most such abilities, it feels like a, "DR silver shouldn't be a problem for high level adventurers! Winning without thought or preperation is more fun!" add on.

    On the other hand, you have got fluff stating that the archangel is against Lycanthropes so i'll ignore it.

    Isn't Muspelheim supposed to be on fire? If so, where the hell is my glowing edges and fire damage? Heck, i feel cheated mostly because of the name. Rock moves faster when molten [and that's a feature of said layer with it's molten iron rivers] so it probably aught to be Dex in place of one of the stat bonuses.

    Hmmm, screw you fairies, though i'm not really seeing the "fighting infiltrators" bit, unless this is aimed at the Chaotics? The living talisman bit is nicely more interesting than the silver sickening so have a pat on the back.

    Errrr...hmmm. Well, even I agree that Lay on Hands is a bit pointless. How about multiplying this lot by 10? And giving the ability to sacrifice multiples of 10 to do other Heal spell things? That'd be worth it. Unless this comes at the same level that an optimiser gets a bunch of goodies from the Brawler's helter skelter advancement, in which case ignore this.

    A reason to use the Honoured Challenge ability...I actually rather like this one, but isn't Travesen supposed to be fighting Chaos primarily. Surely alignment Lawful would make more sense in her duty and path?

    The second part makes little or no sense: You are a golem with DR 15/Adamantine. Not only do i ignore that DR, i deal 15 extra damge on top of this. Make it key only to partial overcomes and we're good, otherwise, i'd like to know why the already a bit flimsy constructs are getting their buttocks filleted here...

    Hmmm...an interesting one. I guess this is aimed at Rakhsashas mostly. Works i suppose.

    Yeah, the Test of Mettle doesn't really fit with the burning nutter sound of "Fury of Lava Lady" as a name. In addition, the intention of the Adamantine thing seems a little off. If you choose to add a little fire, even if its cosmetic, remember that being heated makes iron more brittle once it cools, so the adamantime ability would make more sense if replaced with an attack that makes DR of all kinds into an all or nothing effect [so if you beat it, you ignore it completely].

    I'll get to the doctor thing in a bit.
    First of all, thank you for PEACHing. I disagree with quite a few of your statements, but as usual this is going to prove quite helpful I'm sure. A few things before I go off to modify this, she's not the magic lava lady, pretty much everything else is good, but the class is not a "burning nutter", and there is already fire damage added to attacks in Fires of Muspelheim, so I don't understand what your talking about with adding fire to the ability.
    In addition, while raging the fury deals extra fire damage on all her attacks equal to half her class level.
    The class' obsidian spurs are based on the osteomancer (an arcane PrC that grows, you guessed it, bone spurs), and so I gave the various abilities, plus little additions I thought up. Just so we know what the basis of those abilities is. The aligned spurs are good-aligned because the class is exalted, though I'll change it to lawful if you think it wise.

    I'll take the comparison to the Court of Stars as a compliment (I know you didn't mean it as such), since she is from Ysgard, the plane next to Arborea, and besides this one, Agapeial would be the next most like the eladrins logically.
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