The fire damage is taked on to a really, really long paragraph that was copy pasted from the Barbarian's SRD, or looked like it at least. I think I can be forgiven for not seeing it.

The Osteomancer was one of my favourite ideas ever, unfortunately, it breaks down into the stuff that you've copied and loses all "bone" flavour or even attempt to pretend to have any non-metagame reasons for doing things at level 5 [aside from the bone puppetry and bone dissolving powers, admittely].

As her flavour seems drawn from here, it would probably be worthwhile looking for some lore on the Fierjotun or however that's spelled, given that the lords of that line were antagonists but never evil, per se in the sagas [you'll forgive me for categorically disagreeing with basically everything in Deities and Demigods beyond Thyrm, who's pretty cool].

The nutter comment is simple: you call a class Fury and set the originator on the fiery, unstable part of Yssgard and the assumption is overridingly "berzerker."

The Court of Stars suffers because they've very obviously [to the point where it was stated at one point] supposed to be basically Oberron and Titannia...but Good? Yeah, that's as far as i get. They're generic elf+ critters with some seemingly unconnected spell-like abilities. Gwyffnir is part of that bunch but bears no real resemblence to them so i'll let her slide.

Had the court been in any way connected to stars, celestial in make and fundamentally designed better than "they're like angels but just elves" i'd've liked them as a concept.

Anyway, your angel's physical powers and house are defined but she's less defined in personality than the seemingly ethically ambiguous Peonir; she has no stated goals beyond obliging her minions to actually get to know those they save, which is noble in its way.