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    Default Re: Angelic Paragons: Fury of Tresanerva (PEACH)

    Okay, all of your suggestions have been incorporated, as usual, once I get down to it, you're right, though I kept the "knight's" challenge abilities, modifying the first and third to be more takeable (1st- better boni, 3rd- panicked on failure, shaken on success). Test of Mettle in the hands of a non-knight (or even a knight, the following is how I play them) I'd see more as trashtalking, calling an enemy out and questioning his worth (WARNING: your DM might find a knight, if played like this, to be dishonourable. Mine however, finds it hilarious. We call the knight class the trashtalker horseman at my table).

    After some weighing of it, I made the aligned spurs ability lawful, as the intention for the good had been to combat demons, but many demons (the obyrith mainly) have damage reduction overcome by lawful, not good, so perhaps Tresanerva's furies focus on the old lords of the Abyss (seems more warriorlike to combat the massive cthulian horrors over the schemers, and I'm sure if the fury wanted, they could find a way to get good aligned unarmed strikes for those powerful fiends, the rest taken care of by earlier abilities).

    Tresanerva is currently on Nidavellir, not Muspelheim, just on a side note. You seemed to be under the impression the she was on Muspelheim, can't blame you, the ability isn't called Fires of Nidavellir (by the way, I figured you probably skimmed the Fires ability when I saw your comment, no harm done, and you're right, to save myself time generally I copy and paste abilities to save my typing fingers. I separated the fire part from the rest to make it clearer), and obsidian is volcanic glass. Would you suggest Muspelheim instead? I always figured she just travelled between layers when there was a problem.

    Also, more has been written on Tresanerva, mainly concerning her relationship to the many gods on Ysgard and her having a consort.
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