Name: Jacky Paper
Age: 23 (keeps forgetting he's not 22 anymore)
Race: Human
Class: Would prolly be a bard
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Attitude: Laid back, imaginative, and a procrastinator. Likes to be underestimated, and is very energetic. When under stress, he switches between his usual attitude, and taking advantage of the situation as an excuse to let out a bit of his bottled up anger, frustration, sadness, and general hatred of pretty much everything around him. Prefers to do and learn things until he's mastered doing them, then move on and never do them again, unless they're fun. Tries to be nice and friendly, and outwardly is, but deep inside he can always find a reason to hate everyone he sees. Pessimistic, then optimistic, witty, then sarcastic, open, then closed, poetic, then bored, Jacky can't be summed up by any words other than, "Sure-wait, what?"
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 189 lbs, though tends to lose weight over vacation due to forgetting to eat. A schedule reminds him to do so, usually.
Weaponry: Keeps some simple firearms at home for protection, as well as a titanium crowbar and highway hooligan, toys around with different traps and weapons, but always keeps a pocket knife on hand if he can.
Background: Jacky Paper was born the son of two Ren-Fair class geeks in Kansas City, Kansas, right after one left the other on the altar. Ouch. Since then, his life has been nothing but 'what the hell' moments, ranging from blowing up wolf spider nests with his friends, to getting repeatedly shot in the hip by his step father, to accidentally killing a man who tried to run him over for telling a store owner when the man stole a watch. Jacky once had a dog named Puff, but when the dog died, he decided to just pretend the dog had been replaced by a dragon. He knew the dragon wasn't real, but talking to an imaginary dragon when nobody was looking was better than talking to air when no one was looking.
Multiple people thought he had mental, emotional, and anger issues (which he really didn't), and diagnosed him with everything from ADHD to aspergers to schizophrenzia (a good bit of which weren't even real *cough*ADHD*cough*). Jacky was put on multiple different cocktails of antidepression and chemical imbalance curing 'medicines', all of which would actually give him the issues they were supposed to cure, and then some! When that didn't work, Jacky was sent to multiple different psychologists, which eventually lead to his fear of psychologists, and of anyone who wanted to know anything about him. Asking Jacky his name would get someone garbage canned. Jacky bought himself an XboX when he was young, but his parents decided that the games he was playing (HALO, Splinter cell, COD) were what was causing his anger (even though they had been lessening his anger and the nonexistent issues had 'started' long before he got the XboX) and then went on a string of groundings, disallowing video games, after school activities, camping trips, and the use of light bulbs.
Jacky found solace in drawing in a leather sketchbook his mother had given him right before she died of breast cancer and anemia, but that ended when a doberman bit his arm, severing most of the nerves in his wrist and making it hard to draw. He then got himself a laptop, and since then has earned most of his money typing stories, newspaper articles, and poems for children.
Of course, his life being full of 'what the hell moments', Jacky just had to start randomly producing arcane energy from his dreams, and pissing off pretty much everyone in Chicago who had a gun when he saved a group of teenagers who were about to be killed by a drug dealer.