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    Garth Smith

    Age: 34
    Race: Mostly Human, partial dragon
    Class: Warrior
    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Description: He's a very tall and broad looking man. He has brown hair and slightly brown, amber, somewhat reptilian eyes. He's usually smiling and in a good mood. He can also be seen wearing simple clothes.

    Equipment: A large broadsword and several pouches to carry rations and other things he may need to.

    Powers: The only powers he has is being slightly stronger than normal and being able to cover himself in strong, golden dragon scales.

    Backstory: Garth was born of mixed parenthood in a small farming town out in some forgotten land. While his mother was human his father was five eighths of a dragon making Garth five sixteenths of a dragon. He had a good and normal childhood until a red dragon destroyed his town because they wouldn't or couldn't pay a tribute of money to him. This happened while he was at the age of eight years. He was able to escape but was left an orphan. After traveling alone for a few months he was eventually taken in by an orphanage and was raised there for the next seven years. After that he joined the military and fought in two different wars over the period of the next eight years. He then left not liking how the military could be so callous at times and just leave conquered areas to die. Garth joined a dragon hunting group but left after a few years not liking the way they did business. He then spent seven years adventuring but mainly focused on ways to improve himself and hunt down dragons. He then found his way to the Nexus and joined GLoG and has been here ever since.
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