Kadogurraq Skyhammer

Age: 58
Race: Dwarf
Class: Warrior
Alignment: Lawful Good

Description: A dwarf with dark brown hair. He has a large braided beard with short cut hair. He has well crafted plate armor that has a tint of blue in it. He wears two pendants, one with a comet and the other with a upside down hammer within a lighting bolt. He is usually wearing a helmet with a visor over his hazel eyes. Kadogurraq is only about 4" foot but is fairly muscular.

Backstory: Kadogurraq Skyhammer is from the Fallen Comet Clan. This is a clan that believes that there first ancestors where cast down here by the gods to live on the land. Thus they worship both the earth and the sky, the place they came from and the place they now dwell. In there culture the highest valued rocks are those that have fallen from the sky. Kadogurraq is from a family that has fallen from grace within the clan and Kadogurraq has a plan to fix that. He plans to find a meteorite and bring it back.

Personality: A fairly nice guy. Usually pretty stern but is kind as well. Probably something like an old mentor kind of personality.