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    Name: Dr.Rato
    Race: Human
    Class: Scientist
    Age: He has forgotten but he looks pretty old
    Alignment: good
    Appearance: A old looking human with crazy white air and a lab coat a beard and glasses. Nearly 5' 10"
    Equipment:Who knows what is under is coat.
    Backstory: A human that learned much and eventualy found himself here at the Town by accident and decide to figure more out about this place.
    Likes: Experimenting, Science, finding stuff out and going on walks.
    Picture by Szilard

    Dr.Rato talks in green

    Allen Rato aka Al
    Race: Human
    Age: Around 25
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Appearance: He has golden blond hair that looks like it isnt taken care of much. His eyes are blue. He seems to be in his mid twenties. He wears a long sleeved button shirt. He has several pockets and hidden pockets and a few pouches as well.
    Backstory: His father was a scientist that fell in love with a stage magcian. He falls somewhere in between there. He is the great grandson of somewhat famous Dr.Rato. He was with a traveling circus doing some research on animals while he was there. Then one day while he was traveling he ended up here.
    Al speaks in darkgreen
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