I really like this, Dracomortis. It presents a really interesting, almost hexblade-like option for spirit shamans that encourages a different type of build from what I would normally expect of a 3/4 BAB full caster. It seems, at first glance, well thought out and My only question is about the Ephemeral Predator ability. Specifically, you say in the Prowling Spirit ability that only creatures that can see invisibility can see a prowling spirit guide. Is this true of an spirit guide with the Ephemeral Predator abilities as well? Is every creature targeted by your Ephemeral Predator spirit guide flat-footed unless it can see invisibility or spot the guide in some other way? Also, is the extra spirit guide summoned by Call of the Spectral Hunt also affected by Ephemeral Predator and Blessing of the Eternal Predator?

Excellent addition. I've linked it in the first post. Thanks a lot!

Also, new spirit shaman spell list is up in the third post. I'm sure it's a bit idiosyncratic but there are a few spells in there I thought spirit shamans should have.