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    Default Re: [3.5] The Homebrew Spirit Shaman Handbook

    Quote Originally Posted by Mephibosheth View Post
    Specifically, you say in the Prowling Spirit ability that only creatures that can see invisibility can see a prowling spirit guide. Is this true of an spirit guide with the Ephemeral Predator abilities as well? Is every creature targeted by your Ephemeral Predator spirit guide flat-footed unless it can see invisibility or spot the guide in some other way?
    Your spirit guide is always invisible while Prowling Spirit is active (and completely undetectable when prowling spirit is not active, as normal for a spirit guide), regardless of what actions it takes -- including those gained through Ephemeral Spirit or later Blessing of the Eternal Predator. I've added an extra note explaining such.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mephibosheth View Post
    Also, is the extra spirit guide summoned by Call of the Spectral Hunt also affected by Ephemeral Predator and Blessing of the Eternal Predator?
    The spirit(s) you summon through Call of the Spectral Hunt gain any and all benefits that your normal spirit guide would be entitled to, including all the abilities the prestige class grants as well as those from other sources (feats, spells, etc. which may alter how your spirit guide functions). I'll expand the description of Call of the Spectral Hunt to make it a bit clearer.
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