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    Alkania Leah Danir
    Anchor, Hunter, Message, Allie, 'that kid who stole my glasses'

    Message is the original.
    Hunter is the first human creation of the original, and has gotten pretty different. She might be said to have more of a connection to their original soul.
    Leah is the robot clone of the original, who was incorporated into Message shortly after coming online because they were so alike.
    Anchor is the replacement of the undead monstrosity made out of the original's body.

    Hunter, Leah, and Anchor agree that they're sisters, with Zophiel their mother, Cleo their father, and Message always called their Self.
    Their favored weapon is any sword so large it should be 3-handed.

    Alkania Leah Danir also known as Message
    Gender: Feminine
    Race: ???
    Age: That's complicated. No more than 70 years. Ascended 12 October, 2014 equivalent
    Alignment: Black and Red / Chaotic Neutral. Ambition and emotion. No real code, doing whatever needs to be done
    Class: Rogue, Ferryman.
    Power Rating: A
    Description: Message doesn't usually a body.
    Personality: A bright-eyed hedonist. A world this unlimited is frightening.

    Spoiler: Equipment
    • Koshal's Flamberge

    Spoiler: Abilities

    Secrets of Creation: Many.
    Prime: Message is aware that it's just a character.
    Eclipse: Message can possess/merge with/pay attention to any of her charities.
    Sunshine: A while ago, Message devoured and absorbed Anisat, the light of life. Among other things, this let her create objects that could withstand the sun.

    If you were putting together a spell list...
    1 Shield
    2 Shield Other
    3 Magic Circle
    4 Reincarnate
    5 Symbol of Sleep
    6 Antilife Shell
    7 Heal
    8 Protection from Spells
    9 Meteor Swarm

    Spoiler: Backstory
    Alkania was born not long enough ago to a cursed Cleosepha Danir and Zophiel, and promptly stolen away to another dimension by faeries.
    She was rescued, in what was longer to her than to the rescuers, but it wasn't long after that her family split up. Her mother had to return to her own world, and her father was occupied aiding a dear friend at the ocean, which Alkania could barely approach.
    When the noble (Vaan) who had given them shelter died* the Glass-Blood War, the child Alkania ended up living on the streets with a band of intelligent lizards and malfunctioning machines. They lived off petty crime, complementing each others' needs.

    When things went wrong and no amount of batteries or recalibration could help one of her mechanical friends, she took them to the GLoG, where she became a member for a while, learning to heal people. Then her idol Reinholdt left, and after an argument with Quinn, she had no reason to stay.
    It was earlier that she had met a creature of shadow that took her through time and worlds, and gave her a way to extend her life and live once again at normal speeds.
    It was even earlier that she had participated in a mission to protect some far off place she'd never heard of, and Alkania first killed someone.
    She was one of the powers who answered Aequitus's prayers and led to the founding of AEGIS, where she was a member as long as it was active.

    Then she was shot by a sniper, and she died.
    It didn't keep.

    Vaan did everything. I wouldn't be alive if not for her. And I wouldn't be a functioning person without the working she did to modify my timestream. She protected me from the nanobots, gave us a place to live, let me learn music with was the worst day of my life when she left. Sure, being kidnapped was probably awful, but I was too young to remember that. And the nanobots did a number on mother, I never really knew her, and she didn't remember me. That really broke Dad up, but it didn't mean anything to me.

    Anyway, Vaan left. Our house, all of our friends (mine, anyway) went as well. She's dead now, the Ice Sun told me. Merhin at least is still alive, in her homeworld. I still miss them both, each day. Dad wasn't there. He couldn't get over mom's departure and...something else. She seemed tormented by guilt, but at what I never knew. She spent her days in a cave, looking out over the sea, barely bothering to eat. I couldn't help her, I was so young then. So I left. I found a little Raitan creature, a robot, and with it and a young lizard from a church nearby and a few older street kids, we were off. They needed food, Kes needed sun to charge its panels, and I only needed them, the bright feelings and the lies. We lived well for months, with Kes's knowledge and my powers. Then Kes went funny, and I left them to try to get her repaired. I couldnt' keep watch by her in the sun enough, so she went into hibernation, and I nearly starved away from my friends. But I got Kes repaired at this League, and met other people, and found Dad again. She was better, but we were strangers now. I couldn't stay.

    • The Mask - A covering for the face. The sunglasses, stolen from Arina, which can be touched by solid people even when the wearer is incorporeal, but are incredibly painful to normal people. Leah wears these.
    • The Ring - Anchor. A decorative item. The original was a small stuffed animal toy, a red fox used as bait for Tenjin's hunters.
    • The Wand - Leah. The symbol of a diplomat. The original was a ghostly scythewalking stick. This multipurpose tool can be used to stand on, poke things, hit things, and more. Hunter has this.
    • The Cup - Hunter. What contains and defines. The original was Shadow's ghost ring, which slowed her timescale, let her transform, let her drain people more quickly and treat a wider range of things as 'emotions'. The ring itself is back in Leah's hands, but temporally tangled.
    • The Blade - A weapon, an instrument of harm. Firme, which appears where Message wants it to.
    • The Pen - An inspiration, a muse.
    • The Torch - A shining thing. What is it for? Unclaimed and lost.
    • The Glass - Unearned
    • The Map - Unearned
    • The Fruit - Unknown

    Leah Danir
    Sex: Female
    Race: Earthly fae tiger-human-tauric-pattern, Wand Radiance
    Age: Supposed to be between Hunter and Alkania in age, she looks to be out of youth, but not close to old.
    Alignment: Red and White / Neutral Good
    Class: Rogue
    Power Rating: C
    Description: Strong. Not body-builder levels of size, but with the muscles of someone who works physically on a regular basis, which she does. She bears quite a resemblance to her mother Zophiel. To most humans she's pretty; all her details and proportions line up exactly right. Big Bright Blue eyes with epicanthic folds. High cheekbones, strong chin, and a pointed nose.
    Her chest is kept within the normal-small scale so she doesn't run into the issue of a certain antlered changeling and require heavy bindings.
    Her new coat is a bit bizarre, still bearing her trademark black color, but also some bright white as well. Her lower body is most of a white tiger, meaning everything but the head, which is where her human upper body is. A quick, fine steed for a noble knight, even if the execution is a bit...odd. If she had anything in her pockets, she'll find it/them instead in a pouch or two hanging from a belt attached around where her halves meet.
    Her skin is paler than before, deepening from white where it meets her fur. Her hair is back, hanging down to shoulders, it's black with only one or two little white 'highlights.' It's a bit bristly, like horsehair. Her ears are big and fuzzy and more like a zebra's than anything else.

    Personality: Tries to be kind, and to handle her lashing pride and temper. In time, she's come untangled, at peace and living up to her throwing knife. But she can still be overconfident and rash.
    Backstory: After Alkania died, her mind was restored from backup by Kestrel, and the machine-shadow body became Leah. Leah was later reincarnated by Pat, in magical flesh instead of machinery. She founded a city. Started a religion, centered on her Self. Fell in love with her boyfriend. Built Message's angels. Fought BC's army. Unearthed a factory. Took on a Page, Koshal, who soon became a squire.

    Spoiler: Equipment

    • .55 pistol, five shots between reloads
    • A minigun with gold-plated barrels, a red-painted body and the words 'Bullet Time!' stencilled on the shoulder strap
    • A tiny single-shot pincap pistol (3 rounds available)
    • A silver morningstar enchanted to create a small sonic boom when it lands a blow. Used to shatter the Godruped's golem-body.
    • 99 bolt-action 5.53 rifles.
    • 98 9mm automatic pistols.
    • Many checkered or grey shirts
    • A gasmask and two spare filters.
    • Magic-deflecting virage-claw gauntlets.
    • A crisp new black jacket. Similar to Mist's in color scheme, but cut in leather instead of cloth like his. It should be her size, and if not, very close to it. It's clearly had a lot of time and attention into making it. It has hidden sheathes for at least six small knives or darts, plus a pair of lockpicks or pins in the collar. I know you don't have much experience with this, but the guy offered to do it, so I thought it was neat. You could always stick pens and stuff in them if you decide these aren't for you."
      It's one in each sleeve, and four hidden in the lining of the torso, two at sternum level and two below that.
    • A small wooden box containing a lightly curved, elegant knife, balanced perfectly for throwing. Engraved on the blade is: 信託
    • the Fox-King's goblet (how he holds it, nobody knows). It's gold, bejeweled, and probably has a tooth mark or two in it
    • The Treasures of the Skull:
    • Recently refurbished old fabrics and clothing, all high-quality stuff. There's a few crates of jewellery, a box of jasper statues wrapped in 1920s newspapers, a small box of uncut emeralds and a large, antique aluminium plate from the 1880s. The statues range in size from an inch-high dog to a three foot tall naked dancing girl.
    • Several crates of ammunition.
    • A variety of high-quality clothing
    • 93 coins carved from marble
    • The Skull's Command Crown
    • A new outfit consisting of a blue henley shirt, a slightly fancy short caparison, and a scarf not generally in style at Skullfort.
    • A little ring made of polished black stone. Etched into it is the symbol that ended up on Mist's pin for Leah's aspect.

    Spoiler: Abilities

    Secrets of Creation: Leah can create almost-living beings and matter out of shadow and feeling. She has learned to create generic matter, of any sort she can understand. It is unstable and slowly dissolves in light.
    Extra: Leah is vaguely aware that she is a fictional character and can break the fourth wall when it is appropriate and non-bothersome to other players.
    Thanks, Pat: Also, while alive, this body is very much magic, and should register to anyone knowledgeable about such things as a Fey's body. This does have the advantage of meaning that she can eat whatever she likes, but won't have to worry about input/output (which should save her from trying to maneuver around bathrooms). Neither does she have to breathe to stay conscious.

    Spoiler: A day

    It starts like any other day for Leah at the Skullfort.

    Wake up, get ready for the day, including exercises and then cleaning. Practice marksmanship (stationary targets, moving targets, both while you're moving, etc.), then creation ex nihilo, then melee combat with swords. Go get your squire for the second half of the swordsmanship lessons. Even if you can't teach him the footwork there's a lot of ground to cover. Make sure you don't forget the knifework, or make a mistake since daggers are pretty new to you and you're really learning as you go. Then on to speaking and remote piloting. Go down to the inn and meet your foxfriend for lunch. Back at home, research, poring over books and articles and Kestrel's vast archives - cut your research short to help in the workshop (there's been a problem with one of the experimental new messenger systems), scanning the reports from the observatory on the way over. Commune with your Self so Hunter has access to what you've learned. Check in at the town: temple, inn, rookery. Chastise that brightly colored centaur kid for starting another fight. Help wake up a farmer who was oversynchronized with the peaceflowers. Put on your exosuit and go visit your daughter. Rush back to lead your squire in evening lessons. Help the high priestess with some obscure doctrinal concerns she's dug up. Go to bed; you need a good night's sleep to properly enter the dreamlands and -

    Oh. That's the whole day already, isn't it?
    Maybe tomorrow.

    Hunter, usually known as Hunter
    Sex: Female
    Race: Earthly Fae Human-pattern, Cup Radiance
    Age: She says she's the oldest, but looks young? Maybe 20 years old. No fewer than 16, surely. And no more than 50.
    Alignment: Green / Lawful Neutral
    Class: Ranger. She's even got the animal companion in the form of a pitch black fox.
    Power Rating: C
    Description: Hunter is tall, stringy, almost always wearing a suit of futuristic black armor.
    She's a human-seeming woman. She's got spiky black hair, pale skin, grey eyes extremely cool sunglasses, and no wings at all. She's wearing black cargo pants, a checkered shirt, blue jacket, and combat boots. Also wearing a live snake as a scarf. Plus an actual black-and-white-striped scarf because the snake would get cold. Her fingernails are a translucent gold.
    Personality: Confident, even arrogant, Hunter revels in life. Every hunt, every new design, every bitter defeat or thrilling victory is another reason to live. Generous in a showy way; she can afford it.
    Backstory: After Alkania died, the energy of the Cup lingered in her backup armor, and brought it to life as Hunter. She sings, she hunts, she creates monsters.

    Spoiler: Equipment

    • Super Virage Sword. A hilt made of the beast's chitin. The swords summon blades of plasma energy that match the kind that the Super Virage had used and can even resize to the type of blade the wielder prefers. The energy blade is quite powerful and can even cut through most body armors with ease. The blades flare up brighter and more strongly when the person wielding them is confronting something draconic: in that case, they'll cut through dragon hide like a hot chainsword through butter.
    • Gem of Burning Light: An artifact of an evil light god whose exact powers she hasn't bother to work out. The gem has quite a few Light-domain powers, including the abilities to grant and deny light - It protects her constructs from dissolving in the sunlight.
    • Transporter: Short range, line-of-sight only. Still amazingly useful.
    • A macuahuitl with lumps of green Tamrielic Glass instead of obsidian, enchanted to drain life and energy.
    • A boxy linear accelerator type rifle attached to a power/coolant backpack and a box of small iron slugs. There is ".30 C" stamped prominently onto the rifle. 5 gram projectile, ludicrously fast. About as bad as a small explosive.
    • A .650 Tenjin hunter elephant cannon.
    • 2 chrono-grenades, which, when activated, have a fifteen second fuse before erecting a temporary stasis field around the target, freezing it in place.
    • A pair of yellow gauntlets with built-in 12-gauge shotguns that go off when the wearer punches something
    • 1 anti-magic grenade-orbs
    • A black rubber one-piece with lightweight, yet powerful, kevlar pads protecting the torso and limbs. It's stretchy enough that it'll fit practically any body shape.
    • A gasmask and two spare filters.
    • A bandoleer that can integrate with the rubber suit but could also be used alone. A pair of sleek, black plastic-fibre boots
    • Delta-87 Hard Light Knife - Oddly balanced with more weight towards the butt of it rather than the blade, but when she activates the Hard Light edge with the little blue tab that's under the hilt, she'll find the reason for the odd weight being that it counteracts the ever-so-slight tug towards the point that it now has, giving it a good balance. The weight of the entire blade itself isn't so unusual despite being slightly on the heavy side at a couple pounds, but that would make sense considering that it seemed to be made out of a metal that feels denser than steel. With the weightless blade of light and the heavier grip, it definitely allows the wielder a great amount of control over the knife.

      If she flicks the red tab that's next to the blue, the "sheath" of metal will slide up, materializing around the hard light edge and turning the entire blade metal with only slight change in weight. The entire effect is seamless, making it look like there was never a different edge to begin with and it sure seems to be solid.

    Sandstone - The mountain dragon
    Meghan - The fox
    ??? - The snake
    Spoiler: Abilities

    When she wishes to, she can sprout four inch long talons on each of her fingers made of the very same Hard Light that Delta-87's knives had.
    Secrets of Creation: Hunter can create living and almost-living beings out of shadow and feeling. She can also create unliving matter in much the same way. The simpler the easier.
    Understudy: Hunter is aware that she is a fictional character and can narrate and break the fourth wall when it is appropriate and non-bothersome to other players.
    Dream-Eater: Hunter feeds on feelings and emotional qualities, generally fear and excitement.
    Evocation: Extradimensional storage.
    Relevant Metaphors: Hunter can treat her life like certain styles of storytelling or game when useful and such silliness is appropriate, such as to travel by map.
    Telepathic Symbionts: "There's symbiotic bacteria in its mouth and brain, however, that grant it full telepathy, making it the third true telepathic species discovered within the British Stellar Empire." They're spread through bites, travelling to the brain where they help grow new connections and synapses that provide the telepathy, though it's limited to other telepathic creatures.
    The Conductor (as it calls its species, 'Conductors of the World-Song') sings a lonely, haunting tune that sounds like part of a much greater song with all the other parts left out.
    It's by very careful nips that a young Conductors are introduced to the World-Song of their planet, introducing the telepathic bacteria into its bloodstream and from there, its brain and mouth.
    Ears are still useful, though, because most creatures on a planet of telepaths evolve the ability to mask their minds or project their thoughts somewhere else, otherwise the predators would never catch anything because the prey would feel their minds approach, but also the predators would never fail in finding their prey as they'd hear their minds. The symbiotic bacteria will spread around Hunter's body, I don't know how long it'll take, but they won't stop until they reach her brain where they'll redirect some synapses and similar brain-y things. It should be harmless, though it may cause something unexpected.

    10 - The wurm is called.
    9 - The wurm approaches.
    8 - The wurm approaches.
    7 - The wurm approaches.
    6 - Slight tremors in the ground.
    5 - The ground shakes faintly.
    4 - The ground shakes noticeably.
    3 - The ground shakes wildly, small creatures flee.
    2 - The earth bulges and ripples as the wurm tunnels closer
    1 - The ground is ripped apart as it heads towards the target.
    0 - The wurm emerges from beneath the earth, hopefully eating someone right away.

    Spoiler: Race

    The Fae were native creatures of the seventh planet in their solar system, which had a rather larger star than the nexus usually does.
    The Earthly fae were those who adapted to urban, civilized life alongside humanity. The Outer fae were those who left the planet rather than change. In a war much later, the Outer fae came to kill, enslave and oppress the majority of the population of Earthly fae.
    They are possessed of two types of natural magic, called glamour and grammar.
    The fae are harmed by the touch of various refined metals. Outer fae are particularly vulnerable to iron due to ancient grammar-works. Similarly, salt has mythic significance against them.

    These fae are acutely aware of their position in the universe, and they are graded by their ability to decide the story around them, which can rise and fall with time and growth. The least are Extras. With no narrative powers at all, they can, by circumstance or the actions of others, reach a higher level.
    Above them are Understudies, who are aware of the their nature and can observe but rarely alter.
    Agents can freely alter their own story and details.
    Primes can freely change themselves, and have some narrative control over those below them.
    Authors have nearly perfect control over the world around them. They can declare the thoughts and actions of even non-fae beings, and it will be so.
    The Hierophant is not a quality, but a position. There would normally only be one, but the Terrestrial fae and the Outer fae have both successfully empowered a Hierophant.
    They are defined somewhat by their possessions.
    The Earthly fae are almost universally predators, where the Outer fae are more detached.

    Any being with 3+ Charities, is considered by them to be a fae.
    The seven common Charities are the Glass, the Staff, the Blade, the Map, the Cup, the Pen, and the Ring.
    A number of Charities are mutually exclusive and generally associated with a location: The Mask of the fae homeworld, the Wheel of interplanetary space, the Spindle of the Nexus, etc.
    Uncommon Charities include the Fruit and the Torch
    Reflect and Learn - The Glass
    Interact - The Staff
    Take - The Blade
    Understand - The Map
    Define - The Cup
    Inspire - The Pen
    Gratify - The Ring
    ??? - The Fruit
    ??? - The Torch

    Spoiler: Creatures

    Pterosaurs, the largest ones, for flying on.
    Pterebou, getting stranger than that.
    Chaithers - Catlike, with eyes along their sides. Three heads with a single large eye each, basically an extension of their long necks. Two pairs each of fangs and many tearing teeth. Very quick-moving.
    Chaistans - Hooved, six-legged things related to the above, but more docile. Two heads, one on each side, with an eye on the top and bottom.
    Peaceflowers - Actual living plants that generate an aura of tranquility, larger the more are gathered together.
    Message-orbs - A cybernetic shell to house an angel-spirit.

    Spoiler: Story
    This is a collection of stories about the futility of power and learning to find an acceptable place in the world. Leah cannot fix everything, but has managed to make a home. She's haunted by memories of helplessness, guilt that if she had somehow been better, she could have protected her friends, or helped her father. She has this belief that she has 'paid for' her life already, but that's not enough to keep her satisfied. A lot is possible: flight, guiding peoples' thoughts, raise castles out of the air, creating something very like to life. She is beginning to understand that she doesn't need to understand.

    Spoiler: Places

    The Faen, the Secondland, Fairyland.

    Whatever you're going to call it. What might be called a True World, it rests on the border between Terra and the Rainbow Dreamlands. It is a varied place, a highly morphic plane where time is flexible and the world itself possibly alive. A good deal of the population are fae. The fae's children and creations who might one day ascend are below them, quite numerous. You might think that the amount of fae would grow nearly monotonically, and you might be right. Not enough time has elapsed to be quite sure. But consider all those who are killed, absorbed, or disperse themselves to become one with the world. Then there are cattle. Perhaps they don't really need to feed on human dreams. But they do. There are at least three humans/merfolk/whathaveyou for each proper fae, often a great deal more.

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