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    Nicholas Tyb

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Human. However, a shard Bastyb, The Cat Spirit is hidden in his soul. Should it's power truly be unlocked, his power would be nearly divine.

    Age: Unknown (Physically 27)

    Alignment: Lawful. However, Nicholas hovers between Good and Neutrality.

    Profession: Detective.

    Power Level: C+/B-

    Personality: At times calm and collected, at others rushed and quick, Tyb is just as likely to think long and hard as to rush to the rescue of a loved one. He is generally independant, but shows great loyalty towards the few he trusts.

    Equipment: Beyond his clothes, forensic equipment, a Notepad and a trusty
    .44 Magnum, Tyb carries little with him.

    Abilities: Tyb has the spped and agility of a cat. He can land any fall, outfight and outrun your average man. His vision is excellent and, at times he can even dodge bullets. His nails are sharp and clawlike.

    Backstory: Tyb woke up one morning without any memories except a strange love of cats, superhuman abilities and a mission to bring down crime in all it's forms. Though his body is 27, he knows his mind is far, far older
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